Monday, March 1, 2010

Cactus in 20 minutes



Closest :)

Happy Cactus Monday!

This piece is done within 20 be exact, 15 minutes...but it hasn't come the way I wanted it :(
I saw about 20 mins challenge in Teri's blog and wanted to try here it goes.
I am not an official member though.
You could visit Kathrine Cartwright to see more of 20 minutes paintings.

Some of my friends' have a query...why am I so attached to cactus?

Lakshmi and others who feel the same...its just that I am doing it along with my cactus monday group who post pictures, sketches, drawings and anything pertaining to cactus on Mondays whose chief is Teri. If anyone is interested do join us. You can see the link on the rightside of my blog.

For more cactus pictures, visit Teri.

This came all of a sudden and I am so HAPPY.... After all its an Award...!!!
Thanks a lot Shruti for these two inspiring, morale boosting Awards...

I would inturn request all my followers, commentors, promoters, passers-by and each and everyone who drop here to inspire me, to take this Award along with them.

Have a Gala Week!


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Deepa

Gurl..U r at your best!

Loved the cactus..looks so lovely with the proper bright refreshing shades :) heheeehhe...Does'nt look like cactus...looks more beautiful than mermersing flowers!!

~Simply Loved them!

Bwt: Happy Cactus Day!

And my lattest post "Hello Honey" also have my made Rachi it..I hope U will like the tiny post and sketch too!

Wish U lots of Colors & Creativity!
~Keep the spark Alive..

Ebie said...

Marvelous! I wish I could paint! Love the details of the spikes. The background colors look like its among some blooming succulents!

Happy Cactus Monday!

Kriti said...

Wow! That's awesome for something done under 20 minutes! Congratulations for the awards.. and Happy Cactus Monday!

Julie said...

Beautiful, Deepa! Love the background!!!

Madhulika said...

I liked your art work a lot.All your posts are inspiring...Well done...Good luck to you too...


marianne said...

Beautiful! I LOVE those colors!
Is it an ATC?


MRC said...

Beautiful!! Is it a watercolour painting?

Margaret Ann said...

A beautiful lush cactus Deepa...outstanding color...simply joyous! : HCM!

Deepa Gopal said...

@Rachana, Thanks dear one for your ever uplifting comments...they always inspire me...I did chk ur post and indeed its too good. Have posted my comment there...Do keep revisiting:)))

@Ebie, welcome once again. Its among foliage Ebie...ofcourse your photo is no less than a painting:)

@Hey Kriti, Welcome bac dear! Wonderful to hear from you after a long time... Thanks dear:)

@Julie, Thanks dear one! I actually hated the background when I first dabbed some color, then I refined it a bit and I felt 'Its ok now!'

@Madhu, Thanks dear! Thanks for dropping by. Do keep revisiting:)

@Marianne, Thanks a lot. I am glad you like the colors.
No, its not an ATC. Its painted on A5 size Acrylic paper.

@MRC, Its acrylic paint. The effect is really good.

@Margaret, Thanks a ton! From you, this is a gr8 compliment!

Teri said...

Wow, you did a great job on this Deepa!! I think you should put it in the 20 min.challenge. You only have as many as you want but it does get kind of addicting to try a painting in 20 minutes and the results are always so fun.

Thanks for the plug. I guess us cactus people are just fun for wanting to honor a cactus. lol


GlorV1 said...

Hi Deepa, what a wonderful cactus. I always enjoy your work and 20 minutes? Wow! Very good! I would love to take one of the awards you received. Thanks Deepaz. Have a great day.

Leslie said...

Simply gorgeous! Love the colors. Happy Cactus Monday!

r garriott said...

Twenty minutes??? I wish I could do ANYrhing in 20 minutes! Cactus is one of my favorites, too. Very lovely...well done!

Cynthia DiBlasi - Fine Art said...

This is so nice! I love the colors, and the fluid background. Isn't it funny how easily we tend not to like our own work as much as others do? I think it's great! :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

painting in 20 min!...i couldn't in a million!...great hand your art

Unknown said...

Happy Cactus Monday. Great piece in 15 mins.

soulbrush said...

i think you did a fantastic job in such a short time, well done. and thanks for the award, i think i will steal it. (we used to have so many awards floating around months ago, but now no one seems to want them lol). hcm -on tuesday dear one.

Caroline said...

Deepa you are such an inspiration!
Beautiful colors, and I think I might go in late just to try the
20 mins sketch idea myself!
I haven't done anything creative in months! Maybe that's why life is so dreary!
Thanks for being there!
Love C

Deepa Jagarlapoodi said...

within 15- 20 mins is great lady..:)..True Artist...

Deepa Jagarlapoodi said...

Happy Cactus to you too

joshi daniel said...


ArtistUnplugged said...

Oh wow!!! These are absolutely beautiful and that quick???? Lovely, some of your best.

yoon see said...

How could I miss this.
Another charming piece that I adore!

Seema Kozhithody said...

Hey Deepu! U know, just by the very sight of the cactus, was abt to ask u about ur obsession of the cactus that I found ur own reply to others' query abt the same.. :) It's beautiful, I just was curious to know...Also, all the answers given by u in the previous post speaks volumes abt u, some changes in perspectives, tastes etc., with the advent of years... I can always see the sheer passion for blogging, blog friends, and the level it takes you to in ur pursuit of art and everything related to it...Great going, dear..

Bella Sinclair said...

Seriously, 20 minutes??? No, wait. FIFTEEN!!??? Holy moly, that's fantastic! I couldn't do that in a few hours!

And YAY for the great awards! Well deserved!