Friday, February 17, 2017

Silence is so accurate

The hum-drum,
the din,
the chaos
the pandemonium,
Silence is so accurate.

Don't you agree? 

"Silence is so accurate" is a quote by Mark Rothko, the renowned abstract expressionist.

A study - acrylics on board

Do you love micropoems? I have been writing it for long but now I know it has a name. 
Do you have your micropoems to share? Do post it in the comments. I would love to read them.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Man in White and Sketches

Today let the images speak for themselves. I feel like a parched cloud with nothing to offer. Words shy away from me, I have been trying to woo them though!

The 'Man in White', is from one of  Deepti Naval’s (famed Indian actress) photos (her photos are just as awesome as Deeptiji itself). I just fell in love with the deep reds and the contrasting white. Colours do allure. 

Man in White
acrylics on handmade paper

Trying to sketch and/or paint every day. Some days it’s easier while on other days it turns out to a great task to steal time to sketch. But I do love it all the same. 

The Girl-charcoal-HuesnShades
 The Girl
charcoal on paper

Girl - White
charcoal on paper

I am working on the next Hopper but haven't been able to complete it yet. A few more finishing touches left. If you wish to see the other can see it here and here.