Friday, November 17, 2017

Postcard Series - Landscapes and poems

When we travel we often look for postcards not only as keepsakes but also to send it to our family and friends. When I saw the blank Winsor and Newton postcards I wanted to have them but hadn't thought of what I would want to paint on them. In fact it was in hibernation for quite a while! Finally one fine day in August I took them out and decided to make some miniature landscapes on them. But as I was engaged in some exhibition works at the time I just made two and now after Inktober I started to continue with this series. I have used only Derwent Inktense Blocks as this is purely experimental for me in terms of colours as well as the theme of landscapes (except two the rest are landscapes).

So here's more from my postcard series with my micro-poems...The first picture is from a photo I saw when browsing through landscape photos, don't know whose picture it is. The second one is from a photo of Ed Shots whom I follow in Instagram and yes, I have tagged him there. He has some Awesome shots some of which have the feel of being quite lyrical! The last picture is from a photo my daughter clicked while we were walking around in Fort Kochi. It's en route to Pepper House when you get down the ferry.

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 It is a 'game' of love
Every heart is a tomb
In the name of love!

The blue night
The scintillating
Flowers whispered
Saccharine secrets!

Reminiscing the salad days
Now bathing in the Sun
Longing for the lost waters!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

From the Postcard Series and a Sneak-peek.

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I prefer working on small sized paintings/drawings as they are quite manageable and easy to handle. Post cards are fun that way. I had these Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour postcards for quite sometime. Finally I put them to use. It was during August that I started this 6x4 in postcard series. I have used Derwent Inktense Blocks. It's similar to hard pastels in form, performs like ink and if needed can act like watercolurs too. I simply loved it. And I am using just that and nothing else for this series. Since you (who follow me regularly) know that I love to dab with poetry too, I have tried my hand at it. It's more like musings on the go which happens almost always particularly when enjoying solitude.

The first thing I did was prepare a colour swatch, wanted to see how it looked and it would make a perfect reference. One thing I noticed is unlike watercolours the new layers doesn't dissolve former layers.

Derwent Inktense Blocks 24

This is a lane is Fort Kochi near the ground on the way to David Hall art gallery.

 Shades of green
Looming ominous 
Of joyful tunes 
To spring.

The sky is pink with love
The Sun, a fireball
Whatever the distance 
Let the Divine merge it all.

It's been quite sometime that I have been thinking of making a zine too - a mini one. And who better to follow suit than Jordan Clark! If you wish to make one then have a look at this video tutorial of hers - How to make a zine.

I had even promised one of my sweet blogger friends, Julie Creswell, that I would be making one soon. She had made some fabulous one a couple of months back.

Here's a sneak peek into what I made:
(but let me tell you mine is no where near hers! mine is just simple illustration but it does have an interesting angle to it. )



Do let me know what you are up to and your interesting projects and of course your feedback!

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