Friday, November 16, 2018

Inktober 2018 - the last of the series

Here's the last of my Inktober series. Though I completed it by 5 Nov. I couldn't post it last week. It was a hectic week and I had so many things to manage. If you haven't seen the earlier two posts, please check it out - Week 1&2 and 3&4.

I first sketch it out on an ordinary A5 size paper and when I feel it's right I transfer it onto my A5 Sketchbook and then colour it with my Winsor & Newton or Liquitex inks. I have been doing monochromes in this series.

 Day 22 - “Rati”
Goddess of Desire, wife of Lord Kamdev (God of Love, the Indian version of Cupid). 

 Day 23 - “Gandhaberunda” 
(2-headed mythological bird believed to possess massive magical strength). This particular sculpture relief is in Rameshwara temple, Keladi. It was the emblem of the Wodeyar Dynasty in the Kingdom of Mysore and is still the official emblem of Karnataka.

 Day 24 - “Kalpavriksha”
the divine wish-fulfilling tree. Also called Kalpatharu.

 Day 25 - “Lord Shiva and Apsara”
Kandariya temple, Khajuraho. 

 Day 26 - “Goddess Meenakshi on Kamadhenu”
Kamadhenu is the wish-fulfilling divine cow. From a photo of a carved temple chariot.

 Day 27 - “Sage Agastya” 
Revered and influential sage, a scholar well-versed in many languages and the celebrated author, among others, of the hymns 1.165 to 1.191 in the Rig Veda.
I found it a bit funny and interesting to see how he is portrayed with a pot-belly! Many of them are done so when in fact in reality that may not be true. 

 Day 28 - “3 men and a baby”
I am not sure about what the story is behind this sculpture but I loved it. The fear, the uneasiness, the discomfort is all so evident and the baby is someone important and has to be saved from the enemy hands!! 😊
I love working in this color - Peat brown from WinsorandNewton; it works beautifully as you want it!❤️

 Day 29 - “Lord Vishnu in yoga nidra.” (cosmic sleep) 
The sleep focuses on the infinite reality of his own identity. 
I loved working with the “knots”! As much I used to feel uncomfortable drawing serpent, I am getting the hang of it now. 

 Day 30 - “Pashupatinath” 
(a rare depiction of Lord Shiva) 
Many of the photo references show half-destroyed and some in ruins...a lot of history and lot of grieving there.

Day 31 - “Matrika Chamundi”
10 or 11c - Khajuraho.

And I complete my Inktober 2018 !!!! 31 drawings!!! Thanks to every one of you who followed my Inktober journey, cheering and supporting me!!! Looking forward to more of your love and support.😊❤️

Hope you all could complete a body of work too and even if not, no can go on at one's pace. There are no hard and fast rules, it's just to work on our skills, right?!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Inktober - Week 3 & 4 - Temple Sculptures

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Inktober has reached mid-way and I am lagging 5 days as I had to travel to Dubai, just 3 days; the fourth day we were travelling back before my visa expired. By the time I got back, I was down with fever and severe allergies! But I lost one day because of my health but tried to go with it even though my posting time got delayed. So here's Week 3 and 4... (In case you haven't seen...Week1&Week2 )

I first sketch it out on an ordinary A5 size paper and when I feel it's right I transfer it onto my A5 Sketchbook and then colour it with my Winsor & Newton or Liquitex inks. I am doing monochromes in this series.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments here, in FB and on Instagram. It really inspires to do more! Love you all!

 Day 13 - “Kaliya Daman” 
- Taming of Kaliya (many hooded venomous snake) by Lord Krishna. 

 Day 14 - it’s a sculpture from Pala, Bihar. 
Looks like a scene from the war front. There’s something in here that I like it a lot; must be how one form fuses into the other particularly in the vertical format! 

 Day 15 - “Shiva-Parvathy Kalyanam” 
(Marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathy)

{*Aside - "I find working with purple and pink inks difficult in this series...they have a mind of their own!"}

 Day 16 - "Naga-Nagini" 
(mating snake couple) from Belur. 
Belur and Halebidu are twin cities in Hassan district of Karnataka known for the exquisite and intricate temples carvings which are UNESCO world heritage sites. They were built by Amarashilpi (‘immortal’ architect) Jakkanna Acharya under the Hoysala Dynasty.
One of my personal favourites!

 Day 17 - "Varaha" 
(the boar avatar of Lord Vishnu) with Bhudevi (Mother Earth). 
This avatar, according to mythology, was adorned to save Mother Earth from Hiranyaksha, the fierce demon. This sculpture is supposed to be from the 8th or 9th century!

 Day 18 - “Yogini” 
- from Uttar Pradesh, 8th Century. 

 Day 19 - “Avalokitesvara” 
(earthly manifestation of the self-born eternal Buddha Amitabha; the bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas). The bodhisattva is depicted in different cultures as either male or female. This is referred from a photo of a 10C sculpture found in Pala, Bihar.

 Day 20 - “Vrishabha” 
(bull, here the female counterpart of Nandi - the gate-guardian if Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and the vehicle of the Lord), Yogini temple, Khajuraho, 10c.

Day 21 - "Mahishasuramardini"
Goddess Durga slaying the buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura.

Just 10 more to for me while only a week is left for the Inktober to be officially over. I am going to finish it but maybe I will run a little into the first week of November. But that's ok, right! The important thing is to finish a body of work! 

"So how's your Inktober going??"