Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jewelry & A DIY

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The past few days have been extremely hectic with so many matters on the offing - daughter's vacation, Onam celebration, family get-togethers, cousin's engagement, friend's shop inauguration & what not!!! Since there are many art & craft pictures I have not been able to post yet...I thought of picking some from them :)

Here's my jewelry exploits since the past 4 years...

My Supplies I happened to collect over the past couple of years

Bead hunting I had ventured with my ARTE friend, Rachna Mangnani, in May 2014 in Dubai

Bracelets, ear danglers and sets made for my daughter

 My very first ear dangler I had made in 2011...
And this is how I made it :) Super easy! Just need the right supplies and anyone can be a jewelery-maker :D

How do like this???

There are many more to will slowly unravel in the following posts :)

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Celebrating Teachers Day & Onam

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"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of arts since the medium is human mind and spirit" 
John Steinbeck

I am in agreement with this quote. I think the greatest testimony would be our own lives when we think back about our school and college days. The impact of teachers in our lives...the visions they inspired us with...ideas they that were invoked...the experiences that were enjoyed...the truth that were stirred...There would at least be a handful teachers who would have done that and who would have left an indelible impact and whose spirit is partly residing in you. I salute to all those dear teachers in my life from my nursery to my present day (as I am still learning!).

Happy Teachers Day!

Guru Shishya - Acrylics

Reposting an old painting, commissioned by my dear friend, Soji for her daughter's teacher. 


Now, moving on to our celebration here in daughter's school closed yesterday. It's a 10 days holiday and we are celebrating our harvest festival - Onam. 

It's a potpourri of tales and legends



Mahabali and Vamana - a symbolic representation

[The legend says that Onam is a festival that celebrates the return of the King of Kings who once ruled Kerala and established a golden era in the history of Kerala where there were no discrimination based on class, caste or creed. There was no inequality of any kind. People lived happily and were prosperous that not a single door was locked as there were no thieves. There was no treachery or debauchery that everyone hailed him as the Lord of the World and he became synonymous with God that it shuddered the very existence of God which made the latter not only insecure but jealous. King Mahabali though an Asura (Demon) was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. The Gods sought the help of Lord Vishnu, the Lord assumed the avatar of Vamana, the dwarf-Brahmin boy and approached the extremely generous and charitable King requesting him for a piece of land that covered his three steps. The King, amused, granted him the request only to be astonished at the cosmic proportion that he grew before taking the steps. The first step covered the entire earth, the second covered the skies. King Mahabali realized that he was no ordinary human being but somebody divine. Since there was no space left to place his third step, Mahabali bowed before him and  requested to place his third step on his head which Vamana did so. Lord Vishnu, revealing himself granted him his wish to visit his land and people every year to check on their happiness. And so we Keralites with all zest and gusto celebrate the 10 days long festival to welcome our affectionate King of Kings.]

pookkalam or flower carpets

Source : Google

sadyas (feast)


prayers and temple travels

 Source: Palakkad tourism

Puthur Temple

Source: Wikimapia

Vadakkanthara Temple

traditional attires

My Family sans my hubby & I:)

vallamkali (boat races) 

 Source: Mavara Holidays

Vallamkali (Nehru Trophy Boat Race) 
happens annually in Alappuzha


thiruvathirakali (traditional dance by the girls and women of Kerala)

Source: Kerala information
Pulikkali (Tiger dance)

and Kathakali

Source: Mannoorkavu Temple

Hoping that Mahabali doesn't get to see what a pathetic state it is now and  feel shattered with what's happening around; all the same hoping and wishing from the bottom of my heart that the world be filled with souls that would want to transform and bring about the reign of Mahabali once again...I wish every Malayali and Mayalayis at heart a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous Onam.

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