Friday, May 25, 2018

Moon Ladies

Sorry that I haven't been able to post for the last couple of weeks. I was travelling with my family and I hadn't enough time to paint a thing except a sketch or two. I am not very much fond of drawing amid crowd...I do need to overcome that though. I have shot quite a number of pictures hoping to create them in leisure. Now, many personal projects are pending! I have to take that all up one by one! 

I am posting these 3 pictures I had painted three years back when I was in Dubai. I call them Moon Ladies. I had used photos of some stunning models/actors as a reference. Acrylic inks are what I have used to paint my Moon Ladies. One of them was posted HERE along with one of my poems. Dedicating and linking it to my gorgeous Paint Party Friday ladies.




So how have you all been?

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sketchbook Pages and Mini Paintings

“Tipu’s fort” or “Palakkad fort” is named after Hyder Ali’s son who is said to have rebuilt this fort in 1766 A.D. The early history of this fort is not much known. It was under the Zamorins and when Hyder Ali was sought for help against an invasion, he seized the opportunity and made it into his base. It soon started to dwindle between his hands and the British for quite some time. Finally, in the 1900s it was turned into a taluk office. Today along with some government offices it also houses a jail.
It’s a favourite tourist spot. It’s thronged with joggers, walkers and time-killers in the mornings, evenings and probably at all times. 

The first two were entries for the iconic buildings #aprilurbanartand hosted by some very talented ladies - Anjal Sidhu, Abhiri K, Disha Chauhan, Pearl Oshin Barnabas, Nikita and Avanti Natarajan. Since it's sometimes difficult to make different pieces for the different challenges, I clubbed it with Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson's #the100dayproject as well.

 Tipu's Fort or Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Municipal Office is the seat of the Municipality Chairman and houses departments like General Administration Department, Accounts Department, Council Department, Revenue Department, Public Work Department, Town Planning Department and the Health Department.

Palakkad Municipal Office

Different moods of Lotus is a series I am doing for Tara Leaver's Mini painting series. Actually, I had been planning to do this for quite some months now and thought this is a great opportunity to delve into it and maybe I will continue it for the 100-day project as well. Flowers have always been one of my favourites!!! (I do have loads of favourites!) And our National flower has been one of them!!!


Linking to the gorgeous artists at PPF!