Monday, June 27, 2011

The Silent Sentinel

Thank you very much Blogadda!!!
I really appreciate it:)))

The Silent Sentinel - Painting on glass tile, 5*5 inches

The Silent Sentinel

Tossing in the turbulence
We tried to forge forth
And meet our loved ones
The kisses had become lashes
Our eyes blinded by foam & darkness
Our lives dangled on knife’s edge
Hearts prayed and chants uttered
But nothing helped us and our soul fluttered
Voices cried and raved
Merging with the waves and the tempest that swayed

“Captain, Are we lost?”  squeaked Tony
“No son, Lord is there to guide us”
Said our Captain with a heart that was heavy.

What was that???
A gleam of light went past his vision
Lord, O saviour – Was hat a sign?
Cried our Captain “This way!”
Every eye turned towards the light
There arose the silent sentinel
That has paved way for many a lost soul
Again, it has done it’s duty
I wonder, how many are grateful to
That sentinel which directs us…?

This is a poem I wrote when I was in college(I was 19 or so). I was rummaging thru my stuff when I came across this poem in one of my old diaries and I thought this would go well with my new glass painting. It's not perfect still I love it:-)

I was wondering about my sentiments at  that point of time. Do we change as years pass by? Does our basic nature remain the same? I keep assessing & evaluating myself time & again. 

This weekend I am engaged in one of the commission works.

Sketch of a commission work (9*12 inches) for one of my friends who wants it to gift it to her daughter's teacher.

I am linking this post to Colours Dekor's Weekend Wrap Up 37.

Coming Soon: An exclusive chat with one of the extremely talented illustrators of Bloggyland


Richa said...

Oh dear...ur sooo good at art and also manage to write such awesome verse. Truly gifted!!

Arti said...

Awesome work of art and equally wonderful words to go along with... Picture Perfect :)

magiceye said...

this is beautiful!!

Vasudha Narasimhan said...

beautiful deepa!!!!

joshi daniel said...

very cool Deepa!

Harsha said...

Simply beautiful work. Especially I loved the glass painting. The color co-ordination is so nice. Perfectly supported with lovely words. :)

sush said...

Deepa- Great work i stumbled upon your blog only today when I noticed your vote on my indivinepost.
Your art is just jubilant. My daughter has a big passion for art and am helping her maintain her own art blog. Do visit and she will be thrilled as well as encouraged. said...

nice work deepa...

Sorcerer said...

Beautiful work..

Emreen said...

Very beautiful work deepa... Love the shades of blue ...!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love the glass work! And what a mature poem at such a tender age! Wow!!! The bottom drawing is lovely too.

Deepa Gopal said...

Thank you my dear friends for all the love & support.

@ Sorcerer, Welcome to my space:)

@ Sush, I visited Jui's blog. She's Amazing! Do nurture her talent!

@ Lynn, That's a nice compliment on my verse. I was a Lit student & dabbling with verse & prose was my passtime. There are many such verses & stories that has ne'er seen the light of day. Only my mom & bro know abt it. *smiles*

Dr Sonia S V said...

Got your link from colours dekor. Lovely paintings on your site
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V

Geetha said...

It was nice reading your poem. Do you still write them?

GlorV1 said...

What beautiful glass work Deepaz! I love your poem. Great work deepaz. Glad to see you blogging again. I always forget you have a different blog name. Take care and have a great week. It's hot over here.::whew::

My Inspired Reality said...

Deepa, love the painting and your poem:)

Anonymous said...

a very talented poem for someone so young. and ur blog is truly beautiful-an artist's blog!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Blog Deepa,...Wonder how come I never visited before...came blog hopping from Neha's.

Keep it up!
Take Care

Chapters From My Life said...

The painting is beautiful. Nice poem, to think you wrote when you were 19, amazing.

R-A-J said...

Lovely poem Deepa.

Interesting question whether we change as the years do... made me think bout myself too... guess my character has got a lil dheela with time (yes, I'm a bigger Salman fan now than then :P), but otherwise, yap, I'm healthier and wealthier now. (Yup, I was wiser then - my grey cells have turned against me now :)).. and yes, I do miss a lot of my then friends (I can't find any of them on fb or they blocked me) :)

But jokes aside, I guess at the core, I'm still the same - what's changed is that today, I'm more confident of what I am and what I always was.

Very thought provoking post, Deepa.

Almost like a glass painting :)

Julie said...

That poem is fantastic! You are goes so well with the stained glass!!! Awesome!

Deepa Gopal said...

@Dr.Sonia, Welcome to Hues N Shades. Thanks & njoy ur stay here:)

@Geetha, I do write...whenever I feel inspired & have the urge to jot it down:) Recently it has been short stories...

@Thanks Gloria dear & pls do remember the name:-)

@ ThanQ Kala:)

@ Confusedyuppie, Welcome to you...That poem was written when I WAS quite young, I have grown up since:)Thanks for ur compliment:))

@ Welcome & thanks Sharkara. Do visit could also follow it to keep up with what's happening here:)

@ Thanks dear Farila...a comment from u on my writing, I feel, is

@ So very nice of you Raj to read my post & to actually comment on my self indulged queries...I appreciate it a lot! Yes, we do change a lot but our basic nature remains the same...I feel that way too. And that's why I feel the responsibility of parents is manifold! Friends, I LOVE my friends & I am in touch with some of my friends from kindergarten yrs too...There's no life for me without them!

@Julie, WELCOME BACK!!!! I was missing you so very much. A word from you is worth a thousand ....... (you can read with something immesurable here)
Thanks dear one!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem and art work.

Anonymous said...

Sure Deepa, Here you go !:)

Limon ├ži├žekleri said...

Thank's for your nice visit.Your blog is very sweet and interesting.I follow you!greats!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful work and gorgeous blue! Love it.
A very warm welcome to my world-'RAINBOW' ! Hope to see you more often:)

Anonymous said...

Deepa.. Was lovely talking to you.. You should call me more often.. This is lovely!! You surely are a bundle of talent!!

mutfaksoleni said...

hi... said...

congrats deepa...u deserve it...

soulbrush said...

It was so wonderful seeing you visiting me again. Lotsa big hugs from London.

Chakoli said...

OMG.... thats just so beautiful :)

A perfect artist :D

Shirley said...

Congratulations! And such beautiful art and poetry!! What a wonderful post..thank you Deepa for your kindness at my means a lot!

aayanman said...

Lovely - the flow is just perfect.Congrats on the pick.

Sumana @ Colours in my mind said...

Thanks for visiting me.You write so well !! What a talent.

yoon see said...

Deepa, you have got the talent in art and words.
I can see it from the gradiention tones from your precious glass tile painting!
Together, you incorporated it so well with your beautiful poem.

See, reading your painting & poem as two in one really help me to understand more your inner and artistic expresiion your way.

Thank you for letting me in and feel your positive world of art in dream and reality!

Keep up your good work Deepa:)