Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mini Valentine Cards - Valentine Giveaway

Valentine Giveaway - Leave a sweet, lovely comment here to win these Mini Valentine Cards – Set of 5. So there will obviously be just one winner. Open to U.A.E residents only. Mention your place as well. You have 2 days time; until 9:00 pm on 11.02.2013. I will be picking the winner the traditional way by jotting down the names in a slip of paper and my daughter will be picking up the chit with the winner’s name. Announcement will be made on 12.02.2013 by 6 pm.
These cards are blank and so you can fill it up with your lovely messages and send it across to your loved ones :)
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 Mini Valentine Cards
click on the picture to get a good look

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AS said...

lovely! loved ur art :)

Arti said...

There is so much joy in hand made cards, it can never be matched with the ready made ones that we bring from store. Lovely artistic work as always, love them all :)

The Narcissist said...

Oh those cards will make my girl friend happy. But please dont include my name in the draw lol. I am living in England and my girl friend lives in India :D You might want to check out fiverr. You can sell this for 5$.