Monday, June 10, 2013

A Happy Week!

Getting settled after a move is something that takes a lot of time even if it is your 'one time home'... :) So in between all the arranging, start of school, dance class (my daughter's), errands to town for each and everything and all the other umpteen work...I am trying to establish myself in my hometown. Thanks to my neighbour and guide, Jayanthettan, for being a great help to get me 'a launch'... I finished a logo and visiting card job and I am glad that my client is glad! Amid my exciting schedule, I didn't get enough time to create anything new on canvas coz my work space isn't ready yet! 

I would like to announce that Kristin's Summer of Color has started this year too with some exciting line-up of some gorgeous color range...choose the colors, vote for it and create...any art form of your choice. You could even win some fabulous goodies. The color combo that I had voted (too) has won this week!!! For more details, click here.

I am super glad to mention that our postcards have made a small appearance in Featuring Magazine's Issue 4. Page19 (preview page) long picture on the side...can you make out my Gond Birds, Madhubani Fish and my daughter's Duck and Duckling???

Finally I am leaving you with a few of my earlier works which I had created while practice :

 Brush of Passion - Acrylics

 Lighthouse - Watercolor

Lilypond - Acrylic

Lilypond is one of my very ol' work :)

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magiceye said...

Loved the lighthouse the best!

Would appreciate it if you get rid of word verification. Thank you.

Fayaz Pasha said...

Just Brilliant!

Julie said...

The lighthouse looks looking at it through a rainy glass!!!

pauline said...

Love the lighthouse Deepa! I also love that first one with the bold colors and white "rips" across the page. So nice to catch up here tonight... xox

Gloria in CA said...

I love your creations. Very soft looking. Great job. Yes I am going to try and link up with SOC and hopefully I can come up with something by Monday.Have a great week. Your work is awesome.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Congratulations on being in Featuring Magazine!
Lovely artwork on your blog today!
Have a wonderful week!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Rajesh said...

Beautiful artistic.

Richa said...

the paintings are beautiful! u r realy blessed!

Arumugam Easwar said...

nice write & beautiful pictures

Jiggyasa said...

love your art :)

Ayushi said...

Truly a happy week :)

JoyCorcoran said...

Glad you're settling in. I love seeing your older work. It's interesting how many styles you've painted here. I was really intrigued by the brush of passion. The colors are gorgeous in all your work. That's one nice thing about a move, you get reacquainted with so much of your past -- art and belongings. Hope you get more creative time soon.

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Nice Sketch!!
I like the Sketch Instead of Colored Copy of that Lady.

Julia said...

Awesome pieces of art.