Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winner of GA 4 and Space

It has been one heck of a week as there was so much going on... My brother was home as he fell from the stairs and tore his knee ligament. It was soon followed by my daughter's finger fracture and then my laptop crashed and my profile was lost for some unidentifiable reason. Now everything seems to have mellowed a bit. It's a phase and we have moved on.... :) In the pic below, you can see Anoushka's (Krishna's) fractured finger tied up! Poor girl, she was really brave indeed...even the Doc had to admit :)

So sorry for the delay in announcing the Giveaway winner. Thanks a lot for the co-operation and patience :D


Congratulations Aarti !

With that I come to the end of the Giveaway Celebrations for now :) 
And if anyone is interested in sponsoring one, you can always get in touch with me :D

Now, the prompt of IF last week was 'Space'...and I was reminded of one my illos which I had done last year while I was about to leave Dubai. There is so much I wish to create with the Arabic theme...hopefully someday I will finish it but first let me start it :) The problem is I have so many ideas cluttered in my mind... and I need to unclutter, minimize it as Robin says!


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Chakoli said...

:))) you know I couldnt see at first that she has havinga fracture... such a cute and lovely smile she has... awwww... just adorable :D :D... I wish she recover soon ..take care

ohhh so you had series of events...good to know that things are back on track....take care

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my my my, what an awful week! Your poor little cutie. I hope her finger is feeling better. Congrats to Aarti! And I love all the little windows in your drawing. It makes me dizzy with all the possibilities of the life buzzing behind them. Wonderful!

Hope this week is fantastic enough to make up for the last.