Friday, August 22, 2014

Twilight & Chinese Painting

"If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, 
we shall speak again together and you shall sing to  me a deeper song."

-Khalil Gibran

Twilight - 9x12in, 
Acrylics on Cotton canvas

"Twilight" is from my earlier series. If you have been following my blog, by now you would have noticed that I love warm colors...bright colors that make one alive and happy. I am a person who can not place a finger on one color and say that 'that's my favourite!' but when painting I tend to choose bright colors. I have something different with regard to texture and patterns too. You can see the other paintings in the posts here and here.

Not only colours, I can not be biased in the matters of art as well. I love all kinds of art...varied genres. I have been trying Chinese painting time and again. I love the lucidity and simplicity it projects; all the same there's an inherent skill that one requires to bring out that simplicity. It is not as easy as it looks! 

I don't have the traditional Chinese brushes, the ones I have used are synthetic ones on acrylic pad. 

You can name it as a small DIY, Can't you? :)

Watercolor and pen

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GlorV1 said...

Hi Deepa, I do so love that quote by Kahlil and it goes so well with your piece. I like your Chinese painting. It's very well done. Different from your bright colored painting but very good work.
As to your questions:
1. I like that you are just you and you present us with things you love and always provide stories to go with your work.
2. Improvement-not that I can think of.
3. Just more of your work. Sometimes you have other's work on your blog and all are great artists, but then so are you. So give us more of your work.


Lisabella Russo said...

How beautiful! I love the tree in the first one and the fish in the second one are lovely!

My name is Erika. said...

Nice painting. I love how you only outlined certain elements in it, like the deer. Makes it all the more magical.

AnnD said...

What a beautiful 9x12! I love the graded transparency in the figure! The lines of the tree and the two animals are wonderful, too. Very evocative!

Carol said...

So love the first painting.... it has a spiritual feel to it and the quote is perfect for it.

Unknown said...

It's all enchanting...the koi fish stole my heart!!!

Netty said...

Loving both of your paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

AM Zafaran said...

The variety here is interesting! I really liked the bright colored one and also the movement in the fishes. I actually enjoy seeing the works of all the other artists you present as well as your own. Great work, Deepa!

Beloo Mehra said...

The first painting is very nice! Love the colours and feel of the whole piece.

VonnyK said...

I love your colours, so bright. I'm with you on the bright colours as I like to make people feel happy when looking at my paintings. Your Chinese fish are fabulous and I understand how hard it is to create something so simple. Love it.

Giggles said...

Both paintings are so full of gorgeous shapes and color! So delicate and pretty!!

Hugs Giggles

AmitAag said...

'Twilight' is awesome warmth, and the 'Fish' a cool respite!
The contrast is complementary to each other..
The apt quote is so deep and musical!
Now about your questionnaire. My replies are:
1. The Artist
2. None
3. More experiments

DVArtist said...

Your art is always so impressive.
1. I just love seeing the art that I know comes from your heart and soul.
2. If any improvement can only come from your insight. I enjoy your blog very much.
2. I do like all of your art and it is a surprise each time I come here. I love your red paintings.

Denise Price said...

I have never tried Chinese painting techniques, but you make it look very appealing.

I did notice that you like warm colors. :)

AmitAag said...

Where has my comment gone?