Friday, December 12, 2014

Zing With Bling - Christmas DIY

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Today's DIY is super easy...what you need for it is a spoiled art on canvas!!! The one I have used is a few years old painting which I never completed. I wasn't really happy about it and had tucked it away for so long that I even forgot that this frame existed (that's a bit of an exaggeration though!) but seriously I wanted to do something with it. So thought of giving it a makeover this Christmas.

The name that came instantly to my mind after completing the project was 'Zing with Bling' rhymes ok but what I wish you to grasp is the lively feel of it with all the gold and silver :) 

Before going into the details, let me thank everyone who took the time to visit and leave beautiful comments of inspiration (particularly Natalie who inspired to do the previous DIY), to those who liked in FB and to all those shares too :) Isn't festivities so heart-warming!!! Thank you my dear friends for all the love and support.

I have introduced linky for the very first time in the previous post with the thought of collecting/collaborating/treasuring all the delectable DIYs of this season. I would encourage and request everyone to please link it up HERE. Thank you Disha for being the first to link :)

So now, get your supplies ready.

Materials Required

*Acrylic Paints 
Insulation tape
Cream, Gold and Silver paints

*If you wish to paint it with various colours as you please to make a colorful background.


This is a gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang one that I bought from Dubai. I miss these canvas as I haven't seen them in the art shops here. What you can do is either you can take an old art that you were pondering to do a makeover with or take a blank canvas and apply multicolored paints hap haphazardly as you please all over. Remember to use multicolors! Let it dry completely.


Cut the tapes according to your wish and stick it as per you want them to be. I just went by my instincts. I didn't measure them, it wasn't pre-planned...I just went on with what I felt will look good.


This is it looked after completely sticking the tapes.


 Now, apply a cream colored, white or off-white  paint all over the canvas with broad, flat brush. Let dry thoroughly.


Apply gold paint on top of it, again all over it except for the sides of the canvas. Let dry.


Time to apply silver on the sides. The sides of the canvas are broader and I love it. It gives a projection to the canvas and your art will pop up :)


To give it a little more 'oomph' I decided to add a thin layer/wash of gold on the strips in between. Let dry and then peel of the tapes carefully.


A view from the side!


Here's how it looks!!! It looks better than this in person :)

Click on the images to view it large.

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Let us enjoy our arty time, create and collaborate...

Please do let me know your thoughts, would love to hear more from you :)

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Valerie-Jael said...

What a fun idea! Valerie

Faye said...

Great new look! Very colorful and beautiful.

Tracey FK said...

that is a fantastic way to makeover paintings you aren't as happy with... you have my brain frizzing and popping now... xx

Shreya at Jumbodium said...

what a beautiful work...I just love it.....

Anonymous said...

colorful and great :)