Friday, February 13, 2015

Love is in the Box!

People through generations have spoken, sang, discussed, debated, argued and even killed for (and about) love. Each one of us have a view/opinion on the subject. If it's an occasion such as Valentine's Day, then Love is really in the air...everywhere. It's a way to stir up, invoke and rejuvenate love. Here's something I have done for you...packed 'tiny-teeny bit of loves' in packs...small boxes. You could spread love in such cute little boxes too...just check this DIY...especially for you...
Happy Valentine's Day!

O Love!Thou Makest All Things Even

O Love! Thou makest all things even
In earth and in heaven;
Finding the way through prison-bars
Up to the stars;
Or, true to the Almighty plan,
That out of dust created man,
Thou lookest in a grave, --to see
Thine immortality!

~Sarah Fuller Flower Adams

Aren't these cute???
If yes, you can do it too...

Here's How:
Materials Needed:

A4 White papers 
~(or white paint to color the matchbox. I have used white papers and decoupaged it to the surface of the matchbox)
Pattern papers (can also be used to cover the matchbox)
3D liner(white)
Red acrylic ink
Red sketch pen
Gel texture bead
Red Felt 
White stone
Bronze pearl metallic paint.
Heart shaped mould

Picture Instructions:


1. Cut the white paper according to the size of the match box.
2. Pasted it around the box with mod podge.
3. Outline the heart mould with pencil and then with 3D liner.
4. Let dry or use a hair dryer.
5. Fill it with red acrylic ink.
6. Outlined the other side of the white liner with red sketch.
7. Let dry and then fill it with designs using the liner.
8. Now write a short sweet poem or choose one from any of the sites (do not forget to give credit).
9. Write it on to a strip of paper that fits inside the box making it into an accordion.
10. Stick the end of the last line inside the box.
11. Close it and surprise your beloved one!


1. Repeat the first two steps (1 & 2)
2. Take pearl bronze metallic paint on a palette.
3. Place the heart mould on the paint and stamp it on the top of  the box.
4. Fill it with red acrylic ink.
5. Let dry or use a dryer.
6. Place bead gel texture on top of it.
7. Let dry and the glass bead effect will be visible.
8. Now follow the steps to add the poem as mentioned above (8,9 & 10).
9. Close it and surprise your beloved one!


1. Repeat the first two steps (1 & 2)
2. Outline the heart mould with pencil on the felt and scissor it :)
3. Add a masking tape or a double-ended sticker tape on the back of the felt heart.
4. Add a heart with a white liner.
5. Let dry or use a dryer.
6. Place white stone on top of it.
7. Now follow the steps to add the poem as mentioned above (8,9 & 10).
8. Close it and surprise your beloved one!

The first two short poems written in Malayalam (my mother-tongue) is my own and the third one in English is the poem by Sarah Fuller Flower Adams is typed on top.

Have fun, surprise beloved ones and make everyday a Valentine's Day!

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Giggles said...

So true and your offerings are adorable!

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Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful post, thanks for the tutorial! Hugs, Valerie

Linda Kunsman said...

what lovely valentine boxes!! Thanks so much for the step outs. Happy Valentine's Day and a happy PPF!

Sarah Leonard said...

Such a cute way to use old matchboxes! I love these :)

I found you via Paint Party Friday (I'm number 83!)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Julie said...

These are beautiful, Deepa!