Friday, April 6, 2018

Open the windows

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A room with a view
can be enjoyed
only if the windows are open.


I spend my days and nights
weaving my thoughts
trying to bring order
in between all the chaos.
Trying to fill the gaps
where there's void,
trying to cement the cracks
which could dwindle my existence.
Trying to open the weather-worn
windows for a fresh breath of air.


After all the laundry
I put them to dry
for a new lease of life.
That your room abounds with rippled laughter
Your walls embrace enormous joy
And each wide window opens 
To immense possibilities.


I am taking part in April Urban Art Challenge in Instagram and did these windows as part of that challenge. Since I am finding it difficult to make new pieces for every challenge I thought of clubbing it with #the100dayproject as well. The words above are all mine and is not quoted from elsewhere.
Linking it to the gorgeous ladies in PPF!

So what are you taking part in these days?


Beth Niquette said...

These windows are charming. I wish I could look out of every one of them. Your paintings are so lovely.

Christine said...

Love your windows!

Linda Kunsman said...

Really charming window paintings, and your poetry is just as visual and lovely. Happy PPF!

Sarah Leonard said...

These are really gorgeous paintings. You've really captured the light beautifully. Happy PPF from Number 36 :D

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Adorable windows! Great details.

DVArtist said...

Great challenge and you hit it right on the button. These are wonderful paintings.

Jai said...

I love the first and the last paintings the most. The first is lovely because of the flowers and the last painting is beautiful because of the curtains. The verses are simply marvelous. I am participating in the April A to Z blogging festival conducted by Blogchatter this month. I am writing a continuous story of 26 chapters. I am writing thriller fiction. Take a look at the link below. There are previous and next buttons to move from chapter to chapter in each post. Here is the first post.

I have written up to G.

JKW said...

My windows must be open. . .for me to be alive. Beautiful thoughts. Blessings, Janet