Friday, June 21, 2019

Art in Gouache

It's been some time since I shared my own art. I was more occupied with the blog interviews and preparations for a group show. I am sharing a couple of art from my Moleskine. I had this gouache from Daler and Rowney and had last used it a year back so it was time to reuse it. By the way, I just love gouache. This one is watercolor and not acrylic.

I recently moved back to Dubai for my daughter's education since she wanted Humanities Arts and her preferred electives weren't available in my hometown. The transition happened quite unexpectedly but smoothly since my husband is still working there. Thank God!

Here goes my gouache works:

 Hope is what I give
At each dawn and dusk
The golden orb purifies the entirety
The only one that evades

To be purged is you. 

 Seeking the betrayer 

To avenge the wrongs
She journeyed within
Into her innermost being 
Breaking the walls
Unveiling the deepest sores
Cuts, bruises and endless scars
It was made by the most trusted-
She betrayed herself.

Immobile gaze

Wandering mind
Searching for lost terrains
Conquering hearts.♥️

Some of my other gouache works:

Lotus pond 

White flowers in a glass bottle

Linking it to the Awesome ladies at PPF


Christine said...

Beautiful work, and good luck to your daughter!

Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful paintings! Gouache is one medium I have never tried. Best wishes to your daughter. Happy PPF! said...

Lovely gouache painting. I have used that kind of paint but not for many years, they've probably dried up by now.

Susan said...

Wonderful thought provoking art! The colors in the first one really attracted me. Happy PPF

LA Paylor said...

what intense color! great job

DVArtist said...

Glad the move went well. Nice that you could do that for your daughter. YOur art is just beautiful. Love the bold colors.

Tammie Dickerson said...

Wonderful! I love gouache, but have hardly played with the medium. I have a brown paper notebook that I am saving just for gouache! Love your vibrant colors!

Neeraj Kumar said...

Just terrific!

Surbhi Singh said...

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dee Nambiar said...

Beautiful work, Deepa.
Ah! that lotus pond! Love it!!

Pragya said...

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