Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Moleskine Spreads

A couple of works on my moleskine. The first one is in gouache and it's a portrait attempt of Anjli Mohindra, the British-Indian actress who appeared as one of the models in Sky Portrait Artists of the Year 2020 (in case you would like to watch it - BELIEVE me, it's PRETTY INTERESTING!! Click HERE). They also have The Great Pottery Throw Down and one on Baking and Gardening and even Photography but I have watched only the Portrait series as of now. The next two pages are watercolours, the reference pictures are from Instagram (the middle one is from Angie Lopez's photos) and the last is from Pinterest if I remember it right.

Anjli Mohindra-HuesnShades

Portrait Insta-HuesnShades

Blue Vase-HuesnShades

Linking it to PPF!

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