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Christmas Carnival - Sonal Barjatya's Textile Magic

An Interview With Sonal Barjatya

Sonal Barjatya is synonymous with Studio Saubhagya, her dream project on the way to realization. It is an effort to bring specialized design, creatively handcrafted with various embellishments in an array using her academic knowledge she gained from Textile designing at NIFT and intermingling it with her sheer ingenious talent.

I found the concept of Textile jewellery really interesting. The jewellery that  she makes is truly exquisite and amazing. I feel any girl/woman would love to wear such fabulous pieces. What caught my eye is her attention to detail and most importantly, the ‘Indianness’. Quoting her motto “One of a kind” is definitely accurate for her products. The variety she provides in her products is also interesting.

1. Could you brief us about yourself and your area of interest/work/art?

As a child I always had an inclination for painting, sketching and trying out new crafts. Things made by hand had a special place in my heart. My passion for all this fetched me a Gold medal in Bachelors Degree in Textile Craft and Garment Production. Further to make my passion into a profession, I took admission at NIFT Delhi and finished my Textile Design and Development course bagging Best Academics Award. Since then I have been working on textiles in various forms. Designed sarees for Nalli Silks, worked on Home Furnishings for various Export Houses and now, designing Textile Jewellery and other knick knacks.
  pink and turquoise blue set

2. Who would you say is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from all those women who are self - made. Who have move forward in their lives against all the odds and never looked back. No matter what background they come from and how big is their name.
3. What made you to choose this particular art form?
After Shifting to Dubai, I didn’t find a suitable  Design job and at the same time, this Dancing Bird Jewellery Design competition from Abharan Jewellery LLC  was announced. I never knew anything about Gold n Diamond Jewellery but then gave it a try and stood first runner up there. It was then I got my clue. With my expertise in Surface ornamentation I decided to try out some textile jewellery and Viola! It worked....

4. What inspires your designs?
As of now, I am highly inspired by the folklores of Rajasthan and Gujarat. I love the bright colours used in their art and crafts. My designs are an amalgamation of traditions and new age. I am trying to use age old techniques of embroidery and thread wrapping in new forms.
pink necklace set
5. Which is your personal favourite – ethnic or contemporary?
I like mix of both. That sets you apart from others!!!

blue embroidered eardrops

6. How long does it take to make a jewellery set?
It just depends on how extensive the design is. Each piece is very unique, very exclusive so from concept drawing, frame work, choosing pearls and stones, embroidery n then finishing... it all sometimes takes up more than 10 hrs!!!
yellow crochet set
7. For your potential customers, what is the price range that you offer?
My products are gifts, gifts for 'you' and 'your loved ones' so I try to keep them really affordable. I have things that starts from 25 dhs and some that are more than 200dhs too. You will find things that fit in every pocket :)

8. Besides jewellery making, what are your other interests?
I love painting with water colours.... someday I will start doing it again!!! Travelling and reading revitalise me. And my favourite time pass is playing with my 5 yr old :)
9. You are a stay-at-home mom, how do you balance your work and home?
I only work when my son is at school or when he sleeps, trying to finish as much before he is back!!! After he returns I am just like any other mom :) He doesn’t stop me from working but then I love spending time with him too. Isn’t it the advantage of working from Home :)


10. How has Dubai helped you to grow as an artist?
I thank God , that I didn’t find any design job after shifting to Dubai because this only led me start making Textile Jewellery and got little recognition . I have met many people, made new friends who come from various parts of the world and cultures, contributing to my work in some or other way.
paisley eardrops
11. What is your future plan? Any idea of opening a store (so that we women can hop into and buy some exquisite handmade jewellery at our heart's will & content)?
Inshallah!!! Some day.... right now my work is at very small scale but in future I would like to expand it. I am also looking forward to it. It would be like Dream come true :)
u.a.e. national day eardrops
12. What would be your golden words for those who are interested in this field?
Don’t stop yourself from trying out new things and don’t worry about people. No work is small work. Making different things is simpler than making things differently so just keep the faith and move forward.

beige set
13. On a lighter note, I am sure that there would be many-a-raised eyebrows reading your surname (I was one among them too, remember?), would you like to explain to them something that would add to their interest?
Yeah!!! After marriage I do belong to the BARJATYA clan, the famous film makers and producers. But I lie way too down in the family tree so it doesn’t make any difference :)

vanity mirrors
One of my personal favourites along with the rest…

Thank you Sonal for this lovely chit chat and for taking your time out of your busy schedule to answer all my queries. I hope and pray that all your dreams do get to the goal achieving all that your heart desires along the way.
Wishing you A Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2012!

Hope you enjoyed this chat and the superb handcrafted collection. Do visit Sonal's FB page to know more. To get there, Click here.

See tou tomorrow with an interesting Guest post from one of the Charming Illustrators.


Rajesh said...

Beautiful works of art, a touch of tradition.

Anil Sawan said...

the designs are amazing!

Deepa Gopal said...

@ Rajesh, true...beautiful, traditional yet suiting the contemporary...

Deepa Gopal said...

@ Sawan, isn't it!!! I just Love her designs.

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