Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY (Guest Post) in Rangiru

Here's a quick post, actually a guest post in Rangiru. Thank you Saurabh for patiently waiting for this post to reach you. It's an honour and as I said I was completely excited to create and compile it.

"What I have tried here is an amalgamation of Warli and Madhubani style of art. Warli and Madhubani are two traditional forms of art that celebrates life in all its aspects. In a world where people have forgotten even to smile, such art forms can help recreate joy and rejuvenate mankind. All you need to have is the love for life and the time to pause. These art forms depict the association of man with nature."

This is how it goes... It's a tutorial, please do visit and do not forget to share what you feel about it.

Please follow the link to read and see more:

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Unknown said...

Loved the DIY project Deepa, it is so evident that with creativity and talent you can transform the simplest of things into a wonderful work of art. Beautiful colour combination and liked the bringing together of warli and madhubani.