Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am Back!

Hello My Friends
Let me begin with an apology for disappearing unexpectedly. I have my reasons! I had been on vacation...flew to my homeland where I thought I would connect with you all atleast with an 'I am on Vacation' post...toured Goa for a week and was food poisoned...acquired severe large intestine infection and was hospitalized for around a week...lost 5 kgs and am taking a whole lot of time to recuperate as I am on food restriction (I missed out on mom's & MIL's cusine this time!)and medicines for 6 weeks...that was until the day before my departure from India. I am back but still feeling sick very often...diagnosed with fibromyalgia - fancy name, right! (apart from some other stuff which was being diagnosed earlier) Yet, we had to make our annual visits to certain places which was unavoidable.
The school has begun with loads of projects and I am trying to keep my head still and up :)
I will be back soon...sorry for this 'SICK' post! Will get back with something exciting :)
See You Soon