Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Celebrating the Joy of Giving

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It is that time of the year when our homes would be lit within multi-coloured and stone-studded diyas of all shapes, sizes and kinds, when every heart would dance to the rhythm of the firecrackers, load up all possible delis...walking to and fro and roam around within accentuating fragrance of brand new dresses :)

I Wish Everyone A Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous and A Much More Sharing-Caring Deepavali :)

Any festival is associated with, affection, care, compassion, time or something material...any form of giving...that's the beauty and essence of festivals. Trying to spread the joy of giving here at Hues n Shades :D

As the environment is filled with joy and celebration, I am also celebrating not only the festival but also the fact that I am 300+ followers strong in my blog and 1170+ Likes in my FB page. Thank You for all the love and support!

I am celebrating with a Giveaway of one of my latest artworks. It is a Cherial* painting and a reproduction of the work by the Folk artist, Madhu from Andra Pradesh. An amazing artist!!! I had bought the artwork from him in one of the Tribal Camps held in Ahalia Heritage Village. I loved it and wanted to try it out, I am happy about the outcome :) My first attempt at Cherial, another folk art...!

The art is a miniature work - 13x13 cms. I just LOVE miniature works!!!
Yashoda & Krishna - Cherial painting Giveaway, 
13x13 cms, Acrylics on cotton canvas

*Cherial painting is from Cherial Village in Warangal District of Andra Pradesh. It was a from of entertainment in earlier days - before the advent of technology - when people sought to story-telling with painted scrolls much like the Pata painting of Orissa and West Bengal. The stories are usually from mythology, puranas, legends and local tales. Cherial, however, also includes tales of everyday life of local village folks. It is restricted to Telengana region and is a dying art. The size varies from a miniature one to several feet long portrayals.

How To Enter The GiveAway

1. You need to be my Blog Follower. (Mandatory)
2. You need to Like my FB page, Hues n Shades. (Mandatory)
3. You can blog about it, spread the word though Facebook. Tweet it anything you find it apt. (of course you will earn extra points. You need to leave the links as separate comments here in the blog)
4. What is your idea of a joyful celebration?

You have four day's time until Sunday, Oct 26th, IST 12 am.
The result will be announced on Monday :)

I would a to share a happy instance too...My interview was recently published in SheBlog - Smart Indian Women. You can read the full interview here. Thank you Gunjan Amit and Shilpa Jadhav :)

Please do not use/reproduce the content (words as well as images) without the written consent of the author.


DVArtist said...

This is beautiful. Congrats on the followers and likes

Linda Kunsman said...

the glowing lights are just beautiful and give off such a peaceful atmosphere. The artwork is gorgeous and I would be honored to own it.I am a blog and FB follower:) Thank you for the chance to win, and congrats on all your followers!

Tracey FK said...

Happy Deepavali!!!! The lights are gorgeous in your photos and I hope that it is a fabulous joyful celebration... xx

Netty said...

Loving your beautiful painted glass lights and the warm glow they give. The painting is beautiful. Enjoy the weekend. Happy PPF Annette x

Valerie-Jael said...

Fabulous photos, and congrats on your many followers. Valerie

Beth Niquette said...

What lovely lights, and your miniature painting is exquisite.

jinxxxygirl said...

I cannot join in the GiveAway as i do not do facebook but i wanted to tell you what a lovely detailed piece of art this is! Great job! Hugs! deb

AmitAag said...

A great work in this new genre!
And hearty congrats, Deepa, on your success:)

Arti said...

My idea of a joyful celebration is where the entire family is together and there is a lot of give and take of smiles, laughter and warmth creating wonderful memories that last for a lifetime.

Many hearty congratulations, Deepa - you are inspiring in the truest sense of the word!! :) Absolutely enjoyed reading the interview and so honored to find a mention. Thank you so much, Deepa. I absolutely adore your artworks, your ideas and creativity never cease to amaze me - here's to a lifelong of success, inspiration and passion! Kudos!! :)

sheila 77 said...

Fascinating and different. How amazing that you managed to paint so much detail in such a small space, lovely work.