Saturday, April 18, 2015

Women Of The Desert - The Show

Women of the Desert came to a close and I reached Dubai on the concluding day so couldn't enjoy it the way I wanted and missed to meet most of the artists...blame it all on the air traffic and the unavailability of tickets at this peek travel season in the Gulf! :) However I did make the best of it as the works were still there to have a good look, the installations were moved to a side though.

The exhibition took place at Gallery 76, DIAC (Dubai International Art Centre) in Jumeirah. It's a lovely and serene villa and I love the way it warmly welcomes us all in, every time! The small arabic arches adds beauty to the whole villa and so is the bougainvillea, almost always in full bloom. A small and cozy gallery space!




The works of various women artists - to have a look at the participating artists, you can drop by hereWe had all tried our part in exploring femininity through various mediums and techniques and had tried to tell a tale - a short narrative of our lives; within and without. I am always attracted and excited by colours and there were no shortage of it in there! The gallery bursted with colours!










With my works

I also was able to meet a dear friend Pari Sagar, on the artwork collection date, with whom I have exhibited before and we had a really amazing time. Her works were my couple of favourites in the show. After collecting our artworks we had lunch together.

 With Pari Sagar and her paintings on my right

So that's it for today. Currently I am in Dubai and running a hectic schedule and enjoying it all :)
Until next week, it's a warm adieu!


magiceye said...

A lovely place to revel in some fine art!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pieces of art! Happy and safe travelling Deepa :)

Mridula said...

Congratulations Deepa.

Indrani said...

Amazing work Deepa!You are so talented, a great artist!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, your paintings are beautiful!

sheila 77 said...

Lovely to see you with your own beautiful paintings.

AmitAag said...

Thank you for sharing, Deepa:)
...and hearty congrats!!