Friday, June 12, 2015

Changing Skies and SOC 5

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Now that I am in a new city and experiencing newness in most of the things...I am constantly torn between joy and sorrow...sorrow for having had to leave my family; my dear parents and for being alone with my daughter which is a challenge in itself for someone like me while my hubby remains in Dubai. Definitely a life-learning experience!!!

It's like this perched bird looking up at the wider and stimulating sky holding veiled opportunities while wishing all the same not to be stirred from it's comfort zone! To fly or not to fly...that was the question! I have flown!
I am writing from a new space, listening to the chugging train hooting at a distance while my eyes scan the vast expanse of the sky and the peeping buildings beneath from the green cloak of varied trees. I had never imagined Kochi to be so green!


One of the most interesting things being in a high raised building is the bliss in seeing the changing skies! Aren't these just BEAUTIFUL! :)






This birdie comes knocking at the glass doors every morning almost around 6 then we would be busy helping my daughter get ready to school...but in case one has missed to place the alarm, never bother, for there's this bird to knock and wake you :)

I have been taking part in The Summer of Colors for the past 3 years, not in a row though. It's hosted by Kristin Van Valkenburgh of  'Twinkle Twinkle'...It's a great challenge to be and I always learn a lot from it. There are some amazing talents as well...hop over to get a whiff of it and you wouldn't want to miss it. So what are you waiting for...Be a part of SOC 5!

This year the challenge is Color by Number...for this week it is:
 1 Blue + 1 Blue + 1 Green

Here's my entry:
Acrylic inks - Cyan, Turquoise and Phthalocyanine green
Pen and watercolor pencil

No water, no life. No blue, no green
- Sylvia Earle

Isn't that so true!!!

You can see my last year's entries here...SOC 4 - Temple Saga

In case you wish to read more on Kristin and her could stay in tuned as she is our 'Meet An Artist' of this month. You will get to read and see more of her works by the end of this month.

Linking it to SOC 5 and PPF!

Please do not use/reproduce the content (words as well as images) without the written consent of the artist.


Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful work and photos, love the cheeky bird, Valerie

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Deepa! I love your photography and your beautiful paintings, too! The bird perched in the tree looks amazing, and the painting you made for the SOC is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you used this week's colors! And I really like the quote, too! HUGS!!

pauline said...

hello Deepa! What lovely photographs & art. That sky is indeed so beautiful. And i totally understand why you are between joy & sorrow, with the move & separation from family. Remember to keep making art. Give the joy and the sorrow a voice by painting them, and you'll be ok. xx

Linda Kunsman said...

Although I don't know why you had to make this move I do hope that it becomes a loving and comforting home like the one you have left. What a beautiful way to wake up each morning with the bird:) Wonderful SOC entry too.

Rosie Kaplan said...

Lovely painting and beautiful sky. YOU must be very high up!

AmitAag said...

Great art Deepa, and awesome skies!
Kochi is a lovely place...I wish to visit sometime:)
All the best:):)

Unknown said...

You have made a great start in a new city. Wish you the very best.

Indrani said...

This is superb work!
All the best to you!

Ravish Mani said...

Beautiful captures. Like the bird knocking the window. :)

froebelsternchen said...

Great take on the colors!Wonderful photos as well!

Kristin said...


Maniparna said...

Beautiful artwork, Deepa. You have amazing talent. Loved the photographs, too. God's canvas it is... :-)

Hope you'll soon get acquainted with the new city... :-)

Rolina said...

Lovely artwork and photos!

Mridula said...

Such beautiful set of pictures and paintings. Loved the first photograph of Kochi!

magiceye said...

Wonderful work and beautiful captures!!
Best wishes!!

Kalpana said...

What fabulous pictures. Love the bird :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful and artistic.

Jennifer Rose said...

great photos :)
and lovely work for summer of color, lots of movement to it :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Beautiful pieces. I love those colors! You sure know how to make them come alive. And those views! Absolutely stunning. A move away from loved ones is always a challenge. I hope you set down new, strong roots soon. :)