Friday, June 19, 2015

Pinks and Orange

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It's week 2 and the colors are one of my favourite combinations - pinks and orange! As usual I go through, cerebrally/conceptually, to finally reach my piece... This is what I felt like creating this week. But it's from a photograph (from the net) I had in my folder.

When you choose a piece or finally come about an do you get there? Do you paint what you dream? Do you research on a theme? Do you use photos? Does writing inspire you...say a poem or a story? Or does it include a bit of all of these???

For me, all of this happens at some point or the other.

I need to clarify that I am not speaking about choosing a piece for this particular challenge...I am speaking in general terms. I may also sound contradictory when I say that I completely turn intuitive and just go about doing what my heart wills at certain other points of time! These are the times I enjoy the Most perhaps!

1 Pink + 1 Pink + 1 Orange


Acrylic inks and Watercolor pencils
Canson Aquarelle, 300gsm
8 1/8"x11 3/4"


Currently I am reading 'Modern Art - Impressionism to Post Modernism' Edited by David Britt (Thames & Hudson), thanks to a generous friend who lent me the book. I am extremely impressed to know many great artists and their creative journey which obviously is bound to influence folks like me (us). I do believe reading such works and practicing one's skills in every manner possible are the ways to develop and emphasize one's own path.

As I am getting more passionate about art (reading books on art to understand and assimilate the hidden treasures of the past, the present and the future) I am dreaming (literally) more 'happenings' which flash through in all it's grandeur and if only I could recollect and portray it as it is...then it would perhaps be astounding art! Reading such works has, however, engulfed me in waking dreams like am seeing visions all the while...colourful, striking, luminescent and  enticing visions! (I do have such phases frequently...only the intensity varies! :) ) 

At times I am able to create it but picking up only through the periphery! My mind is constantly filled with ideas; if only I knew how to channelize it to it's full extent and potential! This is not artists' block I am speaking of...but quite the opposite! :)

I am following my passion and I am really holding on to my dreams! Hope it turns true!

Acrylic Inks, watercolor pencil, pen on Handmade paper

I tread on hazy sands 
falling apart a while
mustering strength along
the path that leads on
to destination unknown.
I see the mirage of an unsettling town
grin spreads as I near the wavy pawn,
of fate and solitude,
of silence and mad-borne.
I see hues and shades
of million miraged,
'scintillating and luminescent'
flashing past in light speed
crossing all channels 
of illusion and solution
wavering through the brush strokes
to catch a glimpse of the inner canvas
spread wide and wholly absorbent
soaking up all the colours;
every trickle that finds it's way
dropping lightly or with a splash
absorbing all the same.
And yet...yet I don't find it
not even half of it
on the canvas that lay wide awake
to be adorned with hues and shades.

There is this dilemma and yet I enjoy it as it stirs me up to create more.

Linking it to SOC and PPF...Do drop by these links to meet some Incredible artists'.

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Unknown said...

Really enjoyed your painting-it's so soft and lovely.

Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic work! Happy PPF and SOC, Valerie

Tracey FK said...

A lovely take on the colour theme this week and like you I love reading about art almost as much as I like going to galleries. I have a huge collection of art books and I subscribe to some great magazines on contemporary art and art theory and criticism which I also love... It never fails to inspire me... Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh when you gave all those choices of how to begin a piece for SOC. For me, it has nothing to do with painting, drawing, or coloring. For you, it proved to be a masterpiece I fell in love with. Great take on this week's SOC colors.

Clare Lloyd said...

Super drawing. Happy PPF

Amit Agarwal said...

Delicate and subdued...lovely as always:):)

Indrani said...

Excellent creation!

sue :) said...

A lovely delicate piece of work. x

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Deepa! I love your work of art created using this week's SOC colors! So beautiful! And I love your dreams piece, too! You hold on to them, my friend, because you are definitely very talented!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us! HUGS!!!

PaintingWrite said...

What a beautiful piece - I love how you used the colours this week. Like you, funny enough, my post earlier this week was on where we get our inspiration from and like you mostly I know in advance what I want to paint but more recently I have been painting intuitively as a result of putting spare paint on a blank canvas and then turning it into a landscape that may exist only in my imagination!
I like the sound of that book very much. I was thinking recently about how I wasted my time in school when we studied art history and wished now I'd paid more attention - understanding the past to better appreciate the present! I may have to get a copy, thank you for sharing!

Jenny said...

Oh incredibly sweet... soft and pretty... I love the fish :)

Linda Kunsman said...

Both your paintings are just beautiful, as is the poem. I tend to have the same "problem" as you in that my head is so filled with ideas sometimes I have a difficult time seeing and feeling for one particular idea. So, I just do something else-maybe take a walk or read and then come back and begin.

My name is Erika. said...

Beautiful pieces this week. The water lilies and the fish are gorgeous. Nice use of the summer of colors choices for this week. I would have gone big and bold and I love seeing how other people use those colors in such subtle but rich ways.

Vinay Leo R. said...

Wonderful painting and poetry to boot :) Enjoyed it.

Rigzin Namgyal said...

beautiful piece of art :)

Rajesh said...

Very pretty artwork.

nisha jacob said...

dear...... moderated emotions sulked in.....these are the reciprocals of the mark you had left through the well and how intuitively you help to portray the painting.caught but to be poured in jar. as they reflect how life is potent.

Gillena Cox said...

so enjoyed my visit WOW

have a nice PPF

much love...

Faye said...

Such beautiful art, Deepa. My mouth dropped open when I saw your 2pinks and orange painting. Just awesome!!!

Monica said...

Your art is very lovely and serene. It reminds me of fine china and the era when all beutiful iems were hand made.

denthe said...

Beautiful way of using the colours, that fish is just so lovely. And having a head full of ideas .... :yes, very recognizable ;-)

Kristin said...


Kristin Dudish said...

I adore your fish!!! (And it looks great with the flowers!)
Looking at the work of artists can definitely be inspiration.
(Your passion for your art comes through in the work you do... Keep holding on to your dreams & I'm sure they will come true!)

Cindy D. said...

Wow, beautiful job with the fish!

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice :) I really like how you did the scales :)

If I am given a brief or theme at Uni, I do a lot of research on them. If its my own idea, I try to use my own photos to help, or I just get down to it and sketch it out :)

Salaam said...

Beautiful poem..i could close my eyes and visualize the brilliant imagery that you have penned down.

Beena's Thoughtpourri said...

Much as I know that you are a brilliant artist and more towards my liking for brilliant writings I love your flair for writing putting life into your words like you do with your art. Truly proud of you Deepz

Unknown said...

This post is too good!! the fish n flowers look so cute..the poem inspiration just exudes the everyday dilemma of an artist!!
Love shilpa