Friday, December 8, 2017

Postcard Series - Finale!

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Last of my postcard series with Derwent Inktense Blocks and I have completed all 14. Though I have shown only 12 as the view-denied two haven't reached my satisfaction. And let me tell you this is not a sponsored post of Derwent. I bought these Inktense blocks sometime back and finally put them to use. That's it. It was definitely fun putting it all together and once I decided that I would want to paint landscapes (mini,of course) the rest was easy.

The landscapes below are two of my favourite places - the first is my hometown, Palakkad, and the second is near to my second home, Fort Kochi, one of the most beautiful and artsy places in India. I have not been able to capture the unabridged beauty of the places though! Like always the picture is accompanied by my micro-poems.

Want to see my earlier postcard art? It's here - Part1, Part2 and Part3.

Swirling and giggling
Fields, once thronging
Less and less to be seen
Amid the concrete jungle
Building up like weeds
Depending on neighbours
For pesticide food
Neglecting our own granaries. 

Setting Sun
Reminds us
Of settling 'spaces'
Everyday, every time
To a new beginning.


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SLScheibe said...

How pretty your postcards are! And how cool that you're painting favourite places. That makes your project even more special :)

Faye said...

Wow! Those are some gorgeous paintings! I don't have Derwent Inktense blocks but I may look into getting some after seeing this.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Your postcards are absolutely beautiful! They when accompanied by your poetry are very emotional and personal. Happy PPF.

Latane Barton said...

The postcards turned out very well, especially the green fields. Just sort of looks like home.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful :)

DVArtist said...

Your post cards are just gorgeous.

Giggles said...

Wow these are stunning! You are so talented! I have the largest box of inktence blocks and the pencils and nothing this special has come from it! Just wonderful!

Peace Giggles

Unknown said...

this is a beautiful series chechi!!how peaceful the small landscapes look..
love shilpa

Alok singhal said...

You’ve given the places a perfect due. Look at those vibrant colors and your thoughts on them 😊

Jai said...

Every time I go to fort Kochi I find these Chinese fishing nets there... They look very realistic in your postcards... Simply beautiful...

magiceye said...

Gorgeous images and verse!

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful.

Unknown said...

How beautifully you show your lovely places through your art is really amazing!!!

Anita Sabat said...

Very pretty & creative picture-postcards Deepa :)
Congrats for completing 14! Commendable indeed!

Christine said...

Your work is beautiful!