Friday, November 8, 2019

Inktober Cats

Whoever had taken part in Inktober would probably still be under the veil of it's hangover if you are like me. This is My Inktober post and am sharing some works I did over the 31 days of October. In case you wish to know more about Inktober, do check this POST.

As mentioned in my earlier posts elsewhere my first Inktober of 2017 was about Insects. Second Inktober, I was a bit more ambitious and took up Temple Sculptures which really was a tough nut to crack as it needed elaborate and intricate work which consumed a lot of time but I enjoyed every bit thoroughly, observing and learning a lot. This year my time and space were limited so I had to take up something easy but wasn't sure what to delve into until the last minute like until the last week of September. I thought of subjects like birds, then animals particularly dogs, squirrels, cats, etc. then portraits (that's in my list for quite some time. I have worked on it every now and then. I find it quite an interesting subject) and then finally decided to go ahead with cats.

I decided to give myself a limited time, say 10 to 15 minutes. It was most rewarding for me since I am a slow worker and setting a time limit was fruitful. Also, it turned out to be more intuitive in a sense not allowing much thought. Sometimes I wasn't happy at all particularly on the first 2 -3 days and I sometimes started over discarding what I attempted but by the fourth day I got the hang of it. 

My Inktober Cat Series:

 Day 1

 Day 3

 Day 6

 Day 7

Day 8

 Day 12

 Day 13

 Day 14

 Day 16

 Day 21

 Day 25

 Day 28

 Day 29

Day 31

I have posted all my 31 drawings on my Instagram in different posts though. Do check out the rest there.

Linking it to the Awesome ladies at PPF.


Rain said...

Your cat series is wonderful Deepa! You are a natural. I overthink my paintings a lot of the time and start over, I expect too much from myself sometimes, but when I just relax and enjoy what I'm doing, I have great results. I don't know if I could put a time frame on it though! Great job! I did Inktober last year, I did a month of ghosts, I called it Ghostober! I'm not on IG anymore but that was a great platform to share artwork.

JFM said...

Your cats are so precious and beautiful!!!
Happy PPF

DVArtist said...

Ohhh wow! You have captured "cat" perfectly in each one of these. Impressive.

Christine said...

You are so talented!

myra anderson said...

great works!

Gillena Cox said...

Im at instagram (gi.8487)
Happy PPF


peggy gatto said...

Delightful creations!

Sucks Life said...

Thanks for share this information
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Neeraj Kumar said...

Wow,wow,wow...just amazing. You are just superb Deepa!

Divya N said...

Each cat seems to have a mind of its own which is so typical of cats. good job indeed

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Wonderful works...

Jayakumar K said...

I am not a cat person, but I do really love your paintings. It's creative and stylistic. Love the hues and shades used. Keep up the good work. All the very best/

Anonymous said...

Good works I m so impress.Fine arts courses in india

Vikas Tiwari said...

Excellent Post resource, Just started from the beginning!

Welldone and keep it up!