Friday, November 3, 2017

wrapping up Inktober with an Inktober Calendar

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Inktober came to a close and so that's wrapped up. Thanks to Jake Parker who started it all! This was my first time and I enjoyed every bit of it, definitely a learning experience. Each avenue opens up new possibilities, right? I had never thought that I would ever do this long a series and that too on insects! Though it was a random and a sudden one as I very much wanted to keep myself busy in some form or the other. So all through October, until afternoon, I was pretty occupied with my inktober series.

In case you would like to go through my earlier posts - Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4.


No topic/theme is small.
A long series is definitely worth a try as you can come up with a good number of works, at least studies.
Play with ideas.
Get inspired by lot of talent around (get to see loads of style).
No pressure as such as you are not really answerable to anyone except you.
Helps fine-tune your skill.
Set a time for it...could become a habit.
Continue this practice.
Draw in a tribe.

Fifth week works:

Robberfly, Leaf-footed insect
Metallic wasp,Flower mantis
Buff-tip moth

Finally this is my Inktober calendar - Insect series!!



Linda Kunsman said...

fabulous pieces to end the challenge Deepa. And I love how you created your calendar with the drawings-well done! Happy PPF!

Lisabella Russo said...

These pieces are so beautiful and they look amazing in calendar format. Congratulations on meeting your goal!

denthe said...

Wow, amazing! Congrats on finishing the challenge!

Sue (this n that) said...

Such wonderful artwork Deepa. You've made an incredible calendar and put so much fine work into the challenge. Well done :D) Happy PPF!

DVArtist said...

Ohhh these are just amazing. Your talent is abundant.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous art, your works are so beautiful, intricate and stunning! Unique beauties! Fabulous calender too. Happy PPF
Victoria #17

Unknown said...

Cool chechi!!each one is so detailed n unique..
Shilpa rajeev

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Ya, I was following your posts on fb...wonderful!

Tomichan Matheikal said...

Those little creatures get a beautiful meaning in your art.

Rajesh said...

This is too good.

D.Nambiar said...

Wow!! you did it!!
Awesome job, Deepa. Over the course of the month, I saw many of your inktober creations on instagram and they were all so perfect.
Truly inspiring too.

I'm already looking forward to your next year's ink-sketches.