Sunday, February 28, 2021

Award, Anthology and Judge

Started my year with grace from the Omnipresent Light and paying forward the gratitude to the Universe and the few people in my life who have always supported and stood by me in my journey. Creative field is a tricky one where it’s so difficult to get a good foothold. Fortunately, it is times like this when our efforts are acknowledged that one feels fulfilled and reminds others that arts do have a purpose. Not everyone concedes to it though. I guess they find it hard to do so. Arts mean something (while Arts mean everything to some)!

The first mention is the OrangeFlower Awards by Women’s Web, a well-known platform for women and the other genders who have been tirelessly promoting women’s welfare issues across every segment of life. I received the prestigious “Artgram” Award 2021 from this very established platform! Except that, it had been an online event if not for Covid! It was a well-thought out and extremely well-organized occasion with some amazing speakers and discussions in between. Extremely thankful to the entire team of Women’s Web and the Orange Flower Awards. Kudos to all the powerful souls who were nominated, shortlisted and won!

Artgram Award 2021-Orange Flower Awards-Women's Web-HuesnShades

Received this badge as memento for display on this blog! 

Artgram Award 2021 trophy-Orange Flower Awards-Women's Web-HuesnShades
Picture clicked by my dad as this trophy reached my home back in India while I am in Dubai right now.

The second is “The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess within” where two of my works were selected from amid 1000 submissions. One of my poems and an artwork found home here. Honoured and overwhelmed to be part of this International Anthology – The Kali Project, published by Indie Blu(e) Publishing, USA conceptualized by Candice Louisa and Megha Sood. The Kali Project is the #1 new release in Asian Poetry. It’s a power-packed anthology of fierce and passionate Indian voices from around the world. It’s an amazing experience to be part of a badass multilayered expressions, interpretations, assertions, narrations and renditions summoned from within the depths. Can’t thank you enough Candice and Megha for putting this together! Kudos to you, your team and all the incredible authors and artists in this project for the power-loaded, abundant anthology. The stunning cover is designed by Mitch Green!

The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within-HuesnShades
"The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within"

The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within-HuesnShades

Kali-The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within-HuesnShades

Untamed-Kali-The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within-HuesnShades

Bio-Untamed-Kali-The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within-HuesnShades

Sharing Stories, a splendid online magazine entrusted me with the job of shortlisting the poets for their upcoming Poetry Awards. It was a unique experience to go through a delightful range of subjects and an enjoyable familiarity to share the amazing poets’ experiences and journeys, thoughts and feelings. It made me wonder at the caliber and talent spread across and around us! In case you are interested, you can download the magazine HERE. You can find previous issues too.

Sharing Stories - Book Awards 2021 - Panel of Judges -HuesnShades
Sharing Stories - Book Awards 2021 - Panel of Judges 

Finally, Thanks to everyone who has faith in me and my work, who have been constantly following my works here on my blog and elsewhere for years and who have constantly showered me with love and encouragement. Deeply in gratitude!  

So how is life treating you, my friends?


Beena's Thoughtpourri said...

Awards n Accolades truly deserved by an artist n writer of your calibre. Always enjoyed your write ups!!

Ira Mishra said...

Loved to go by each word in this post of yours again Deepa. As you said pursuing the path of arts is in itself a challenge and acknowledments like this make us feel motivated to keep walking that path. To many more such accolades and to many more such pursuits. Kudos to your endeavours. Keep shining and keep inspiring 😊

Ira Mishra

avidha said...