Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hues N Shades

Artwork by 5 year old Lil Anoushka, my daughter
Colors are not merely a combination of red, blue or green. They have a meaning of their own. They communicate. They speak volumes about the artist and their mind. They reveal their inner most thoughts and fantasies. It brings about a new life... the life of colors and the happiness associated with it. It even imparts it (the happiness, excitement, contentment or whatever) to the onlooker, an observer who admires the art of employing the varied shades of brilliant hues.

Colors have a life of their own. There are certain colors which disturb some and there are also others that soothe some. I could say it could bring about certain physical responses as well. There are colors that are attached to certain cultures say for instance India is a land of diverse and bright colors that people from the West will associate it to. For us it’s the colors of happiness, tradition even self proclamation. That could be and is the case with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Mixing of colors can bring about corresponding, harmonizing or even conflicting colors.
There are colors that are cool (blue, green, turquoise), warm (red, pink, yellow, orange), mixed (purple, lavender) and neutral (black, white, grey, brown, beige).
 I personally like all colors. I can’t point at one and say “Hey, that’s my favorite color!” Soon I’ll be following others. The nuances of colors are quite exhilarating to me!
They take me to a different world unlike any other where I can be myself and nothing else deters me from plunging into the realm of hues and shades.

Here's a short verse:

Colors, myriad colors
In the unforeseen, unknown world
Of bright n dark crevices
Rise of the fantastic world
Of fireflies n crickets
Of dragonflies n ladybugs
Gleaming in the night sky
Or the green coat of bed
Amuse, astonish n amaze
The little luminous eyes
Wanting to know and feel more
Of the ways of the world
Brimming with joy or bellowing with rage
Colors transform n seduce
Offsprings of the pantheist world
They emerged whirled!

picture courtesy from google except for the first picture

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Deepa Gopal said...

This is one of the pictures my 5 year old daughter painted! I simply love it!!!

Rajeswari said...

hey Deepu....never knew u have started blogging!!Glad that you are posting your works here!All the Best!Shall visit here during my blog wanderings! :-)

Rajeswari said...

Rajeswari here!Well,i blog at www.daughterspeaks.blogspot.com

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

Hello deepa... i have a feeling you are a wonderful artist, because you seem to know colours as though they were old friends of yours :)
it was my first visit to ur blog and I loved it very much… BTW, I am an artist too, or at least I like to think so :)
do visit my blog sometimes

Deepa Gopal said...

Thanks Little Girl...for ur precious comments.

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

deepa... those words meant a lot coming from an artist like you. do stay in touch... i've become a follower and will come over whenever u write something new...
btw, i put up a new post :)

Someone is Special said...

colours are not just colours as they convey a lot to us.. Truly colourful post.. Good luck and will my life be colourful

Someone is Special

Sumana @ Colours In My MInd said...

Deepa , fond your blog thru Design Blogger Network. What a wonderful post !!! I love colors .I will visit you often to to read more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepa,

I love the intensity of colours in your child's work. It's beautiful! Also love the verse!

I'm no artist but now that I'm part of the group that Rekha put together I simply love the idea of 'meeting' new people. Yours is the first (from the group) blog I'm visiting. I blog on nature and gardening. I'll surely be back again.


Purba said...

Lil Anoushka is as talented as her Mum...

Arti said...

Lil Anoushka...A Big bundle of talent! Good Luck Deepa :)

Chitz said...

loved it and tell me What Color Do I Paint??

Chitz said...

loved it and tell me What Color Do I Paint??

Bhargav Bhatt said...

colors... are impressions of an artist visualization... they do speak a lot, totally agree to all ur words,...

gr8 work by sweet lil anushka..

Anonymous said...

A blog resplendent in colours. Love the art and the poetry. Great work:))

Anonymous said...

simply stopping by to say hey