Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nature's The Best Artist!

Being an Artist the first thing that comes to mind is Art….of all sizes and shapes, of all mediums and colors, of all genre and nature.

Many a times have I looked at the horizon and wondered the canvas on which the nature painted itself. Be it the blue skies, shades and nuances of yellow, orange and red sunsets, the dark night sky with twinkles here and there…the blue mountains that spanned across my native land, the green foliage that spread out its arms beckoning us to its lap, the clear blue streams and coziness of mother Nature. Everything appears in its height of artistic talent and creativity.

Nature I believe is a great tutor. It shows in myriad ways the profound talent of mixing colors. Perhaps each object, to a close observer, presents itself as an inspiration to the human talent.

I feel emotionally bound with my piece of art when I am in the process of making it. It stirs me up with varied emotions be it writing or painting. I feel purged, emotionally. It freshens me up and I am deeply satisfied (whether that satisfies the viewer is a different matter all together)

What is your say in it? Do you feel the same? Do you differ? What’s your experience as an Artist?


Unknown said...


Really Great! Mabrook you did it.
All the best

Unknown said...

Yes indeed nature is really blessed with beauty.

I am not an Artist by any means but i certainly love to admire and appreciate Art. I believe and am confident that you are an immensely talented girl.May you come with flying colours in your desired field of art.

God bless you

Best wishes
Deepa. B

Unknown said...


Its great what you have written about Art . Only an Artist can feel and present their feelings in this way. Feel like reading again and again.

Keep it up. You are an immensely talented girl. I am confident that you will perform good in your desired field of Art.I am not an artist by any means but certainly love to adore Art.

May God bless you.

best wishes

Deepa Gopal said...

Thank you very much Deepa for your inspiring words! I feel charged up!

Unknown said...

Hai Deepa,

Wonderful! Enjoyed reading. Keep it up!


Deepa Gopal said...

Thanks but hw'll I visit your profile??? let us see it yaar!

Seema Kozhithody said...

Hey Deepu!! This is a lovely, amazing and beautiful world that u have created! Clear thoughts expressed in a very good language..

The different hues that u have blended so beautifully in ur canvas is a feast for the eyes! Let ur fingers create more magic on the canvas and keep up that passion undying in u! God bless u!!

Nature, as u said, is the best mentor and guide! We have solution for all the problems in Nature itself..It reflects all our moods! Sometimes it inspires us silently like a beautiful painting, at times it unleashes its wrath causing destruction.. Like a mind-blowing art, Nature displays a variety of forms for comparison which leaves the beholder puzzled and amazed to choose the best form! The pit-pat of rain, the dew drops in the grass reflecting the golden rays of the sun, crimson red sky, the shining little stars, the jingling stream, the silent river, the turbulent sea, the passing silver clouds, the huge blue mountains kissing the sky, the dark forests, green valleys etc. etc... Which is more beautiful! Each tiny thing in nature has a story to tell and it creates a longlasting impression in an aesthetic mind...

Like a child, I simply wonder at Nature and also try to imbibe those great values it teaches and finally move on to the hustle and bustle of life with a deeply satisfied mind!

It's so important that in this rat race, we keep our eyes open to the wonderful sights that Nature presents and to just stop for a while and listen to its voice at least once!!

I just penned down some of my feelings in ur wonderful world, dear! Tnx for presenting this cute world to us!