Sunday, March 29, 2009

Innocent Creations

Meet Donald Zolan:
Donald Zolan is an artist whose paintings are full of life with children enjoying their happy, innocent, secure and exciting childhood. Their eyes twinkle with the marvels of nature unfolding before them. It’s a Wonderland and every single thing around them captivates their attention. When I first came upon his paintings through a forward from one of my friends, Manesh…I felt truly blessed! It inspired me and rendered immense pleasure that words fail to express. The sweet innocent faces beaming with various emotions are a wonder to watch. I just couldn’t imagine how he drew so very beautiful children!!! Creativity at its best!!! The setting is idyllic and he never fails to capture the wonder of early childhood which has always been a source of inspiration for this great artist. I wanted to know more about him and searched through Google (the best!) I wanted to share this amazing paintings and info with my fellow bloggers.

Zolan’s Artistic Career:
Donald Zolan, fifth generation contemporary artist, followed his heart from the age of three and has been heeding to it till date. He enjoyed a happy childhood which is reflected in his works where he immortalized these pretty children with certain aspects from his early years. His parents encouraged and supported him from a very early age and they even set up a studio by giving away their furniture from the dining room and providing space for a studio when Zolan was eight.
Zolan won his first major art competition at the age of thirteen and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. By sixteen, he won a scholarship to Chicago's American Academy of Art.

Zolan’s Influence:
Zolan’s major influence has been Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent and Haddon Sunbloom. He even joined as an apprentice under Haddon Sunbloom who encouraged and supported him. Zolan’s wife, Jennifer, works with him to make his dreams a reality.

Donald Zolan is also known for his paintings of philosophers, rabbis and artisans.

Zolan’s dream:
“I wish that all children, here in America and around the world, could lead the kind of joyous, secure and happy childhood that I capture in my paintings. A childhood filled with love and kisses and hugs, a childhood free from fear and want, a childhood where children can express themselves and their individuality, a childhood where children can be children for those first few years in life. I think we owe that to the world's children and each step we take that gets us closer to these goals makes us better people.”

Zolan’s creations have inspired many people around the world. People have come up with heart-warming story which is the highest recognition an artist can achieve beyond all the Awards.

Note: Ref pics - Donald Zolan's Website


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

They are very cute pictures... :)

Deepa Gopal said...

Mahesh,Thanks.Zolan's art of children is unbeatable:)