Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sankalp 'Crafts and Weaves'

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A new month has begun giving me a lot of hope and much to aspire on...quoting the ever-fervent Maya Angelou and remembering her...

Sankalp 'Crafts and Weaves' happened on the 23 and 24 May in Kochi opening up a new region and aspirations for me. It felt great to meet new people, new clients and new customers. Rotary Bal Bhavan in Panampilly Nagar buzzed with energy of the 50 women entrepreneurs and I was amazed at the talent spread out there. I couldn't meet everyone personally though. I must thank Priya Menon, the brain behind Sankalp for her enthusiastic effort and contribution.

The most memorable incident however was when a boy, ShivShankar, fell for one of my Ganesha (which was an acrylic painting in layers with decoupaged Ganesha sthuthi) paintings when they had dropped by to see what was going on in the RBB. His mother's attitude was admirable and we were impressed the way she handled him. They said that they will come back the next day as she didn't have enough cash then as they had come out just for a walk. His mother however advised for a smaller piece - a blue abstract Ganesha. He agreed. The next day they did come at a time when another customer was about to buy the Red and Blue duo. I was in a fix as they had already finalized on it and I actually wasn't sure the boy would return. When the deal was done...Shiv and his mother asked for the decoupaged Ganesha and that was something incredible because I had not displayed it that day. Even on the first day I had displayed the painting just before his arrival and then soon took it in. It surprised us as we all felt that the painting was meant to be his!!!
He was super glad to have had it finally :)

Youngest Hues n Shades fan and buyer, 
ShivShankar :)

Here's a sneak peak:

Hues n Shades Stall 

 HnS Stickers

 Lighting the lamp by Deputy Mayor, Mrs.Bhadra

I shared my table with my blogger friend, Vandana Rajesh of Knot & Stitch and her Sis,Vinita Krishnan. We was meeting for the very first time at Sankalp. They are an amazing duo who design awesome cushion covers.

Vinita Krishnan & Vandana Rajesh - Knot and Stitch

Vandana and I - A Memorable Experience!

My daughter, Anoushka (Krishna) taking charge of Hues n Shades Stall

 Celebrity Presence - Actress Radhika

My illustration that appeared in METRO - The Hindu

A huge Thanks to all the friends and family who supported me immensely in this endeavour and made it a Great day for me... esp to my hubby & daughter who were the pillars of support  Thanks to Vandana &Vinita for being such lovely and wonderful 'table-mates'  A special thanks to Priyachechi for giving us an amazing platform! Thanks to one and all.

Finally, something to add to my delight my blog has been listed among the Top Blogs of India and you can the see the listing here:

A Proud Moment Indeed!

Linking it to PPF...Head to the site to meet some amazing artists :)


Julie said...

Congratulations!!!! Looked like such an amazing event!!!!! Lil' A is growing up! Beautiful girl, and such a good helper!!!!! So nice to see you and your great accomplishments!!!!!

DVArtist said...

This is a wonderful post. I very much enjoyed all the photos of the show and all the beautiful people and art. Thank you

priya said...

Lovely way to express your thoughts deepa. I really am overwhelmed by the amazing talent i could find at the event. People like you make organizing such exhibitions a real pleasure. Thanks a lot for your colourful presence.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Deepa. Good to see you. Congrats on the show. Looks like it was great. Lots of great art here. Thanks.

Bikram said...

heartiest congratulation on the show.. loved the stall and all that it showcased ..

All the best always


Rajesh said...

Beautiful artworks.

Joy Murray said...

Congratulations on all your endeavors. It's so fun to see your colorful and vibrant work all together in your stall. What a great family you have!

Joy Murray said...

Congratulations on all your endeavors. It's so fun to see your colorful and vibrant work all together in your stall. What a great family you have!

Knot n Stitch said...

Thanks Deepa for the mention. Beautiful words and lovely pictures. It was such a pleasure knowing you and spending time with you two days. Our regards to your hubby and lots of love to darling Krishna. Looking forward to seeing more of your works here.

Sirkka said...

I have enjoyed the video, your artworks and your storytelling. You are a real artist. Thank you for showing all this!