Friday, November 28, 2014

Pink Flamingos & Picture Quote Cards

There's no denying the fact that God is the greatest artist! This stands true when one looks around and finds content, peace and bliss in Nature. We artists find inspiration too along with other elements. We can just merge and be one with this positive energy. If only everyone of us tries to understand this energy....! 

Pink Flamingos below are done with watercolor and acrylic inks. Love the fluidity and intense colors of the acrylic inks. 

 Pink Flamingos 
Watercolor and acrylic inks on Daler&Rowney watercolor pad

Now onto a simple DIY---I am into something new---making picture quote cards.

These are some cards I had bought from Dubai (almost all of my materials are from the quality). As you can see that I have taped the card around onto my favourite small art board. I have hand-drawn a simple outline of the daisies and applied masking fluid. You can see a roller too to apply the blue paint.


Now apply the blue paint. Let dry and remove the mask. Apply colors to the flower and the stem. I have applied yellow and gold in the middle of the flowers. Love the golden touch :)


Now, write a beautiful quote with some fun Lettering!!! And you are done :)

I have been browsing through varied types of lettering and I think it's such intense play and fun...extremely creative too. Trying my hand at lettering in my quote cards.


 The color gold isn't clear though!

 Number One

I Dream

Linking it to Eva & Kristin's PPF to meet some awesome artists :)

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Julie said...

Very nice, you are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday:

Netty said...

Great projects Deepa, love your flamingos. Happy PPF, Annette x

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your fun cards. The lettering is great. Happy PPF and blessings!

Nadya said...

This idea has endless possibilities, and what a fun use of the materials!

Happy PPF

Anonymous said...

Those flamingos live in a beautiful place, makes me want to join them! Paradise!

Susan said...

Love the background for your flamingos and your quotes are very clever. I enjoy word art.

Neesie said...

Great artwork and those flamingos are fantastic! ;D
Beautiful colours
Have a wonderful weekend
Belated Happy PPF to you

denthe said...

Terrific idea! love the results!

sheila 77 said...

I like everything here but I especially like the daisies card and the way you've left a space to write the words, that's very clever and the finished card is lovely.

ilakshee said...

what lovely work! Love your flamingoes. They are so vibrant!

Unknown said...

Che adorabile fenicottero rosa!!!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful painting of flamingos.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...