Saturday, November 8, 2014


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This week has been an interesting one for me personally! I got to meet and be in the presence of an extremely talented Mohiniyattam danseuse, a non-Malayalee at that but I found myself really scintillated at her presence and performance! The feeling was indescribable!!! I am speaking about Gujarat-born, Mumbai-settled Mohiniyattam exponent Smt.Mandakini Trivedi. She is also author of books like The Yoga of Indian Dance, Sutras of Dance and Nepathya (Behind The Curtain).

Mandakini Trivedi
Photo credit: NateshvariGurukul Website

A workshop was conducted here in Palakkad for the kids by Gowri Creations, under the guidance of Mr.Dinesh Koduvayur and Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Akademi, paving way to enrich the kids in classical dance forms. The workshop was the basics of Bharathnatyam for a fun-filled, enjoyable week of mudras.

My daughter enjoyed every bit of it... hectic schedule during the school-time though. She "didn't want the class to end." A soft spoken and smiling lady, as gentle as anyone can be...she filled the hearts of the kids with much warmth and love.

The artwork below is something I created for her in two days as a token of our love, respect and appreciation for her. It was after Mandakini mam's performance that I came up with this idea and so I had to hurry through in two days! I got almost 8 hours for it. I am not a person who can wheel through in hours coz of a few health issues (which I don't normally speak much ;) )

"Aesthetic, Symbolic and Yogic" these are the words that mam uses to describe her art. That is what I have tried to recreate here... It's not a realistic painting but an interpretation of my feelings. I have incorporated the elements like air, water, earth and fire (that's the passion she has towards her art). The lillies' pattern is something I had seen somewhere while browsing; it stayed, and now I remembered it while sketching.

From sketch to the painting:

Sketch work

Acrylics, A4 size

 Close-up :)

Braided thread to tie the painting roll

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sheila 77 said...

What a beautiful tribute, so skilfully drawn and painted.
I love the circles of waterlilies and patterns, the way you have painted the moving sea and the lovely dancer.

Linda Kunsman said...

another stunning painting Deepa. The colors and details are wonderful, and I love how you incorporated the 4 elements. Now I'm off to see if there are any you tube videos of this performer-it must have been an amazing performance to see in person. Thank you for sharing!

denthe said...

That is a beautiful painting you made for her! Love all the details and lovely colours, and the way everything seems to move ....

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Lovely! I felt reading a story "Sketch turning to painting", Awesome !I always like your works .

Ankionthemove said...

These paintings are fab!

Roohi Bhatnagar said...

Luved your art and the whole description. :)