Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meet An Artist - Priti Vadakkath

Priti Vadakkath is one of the prominent artists I have come across in Kochi in the recent times. Her works, though not drenched in colours, have an alluring quality to it and it very often makes a subtle expression of the inner workings of the self…illuminating the margins, as she says! Haunting and exuberantly innocent, her works attest her longing for the past and the doleful doldrums of the present. It sways back and forth making a statement of her own…an effective one at that!

Priti Vadakkath

Today's Meet An Artist is different from my usuals as it is the first recorded one - an audio. I met Priti at her lovely, sun-lit, gorgeous, high-roofed, ancestral-look-alike villa in Thevara. We met, had an amazing 'friendly' conversation; I wouldn't call it a proper interview as I think we both  got immersed in our talk and forgot about the recording  that had been going on, quite often! Initially, we both were very aware of it though. The conversation was recorded in her Studio and a couple of her paintings were put up there and we were pointing and talking about it as you can make out from our conversation at certain times.

Since this is my first try and no editing has gone into it except in two spaces where I have tried my hand at it, there may be errors, all sorts of issues of a non-pro recording...please do bear with me...please do listen to the audio and do leave me your valuable feedback.
Thanks dear friends for taking your time out, to drop by and to leave your heart-warming comments... each time, every time!

So here's the audio, please do lend me your ears...

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note: Please let me know whether you are able to play it properly.

Some of Priti's Alluring and Haunting works...

Reliving The Past With All My Might 
60x40in each panel
Untitled - 5
Four Times Five is Twelve, Four Times Six is Thirteen

 The Booba and Kiki 
Transcripts - 2
Sacristan -1

Sea of Lost Time - Diptych
60x40in each panel

A Little Is A Lot - 5

Spirit Echo -1

Spirit Echo - 2

Acquiescence in Fate - 1

Awaiting The Sins To Ripe

Vale of Tears

Untitled - 1
Four Times Five is Twelve, Four Times Six is Thirteen

They Are No More And They Were No Less (Critical Dust)
'Clipboard' show

We wish Priti Vadakkath the very Best in all her future endeavours be it in her home or her art...God Bless!

Dear Friends, hope you all have enjoyed something new in here. Hope I can manage future recordings with less errors and may be I could even add video chats and conversations. Thanks to each one of you for taking time to visit Hues n Shades. 


Unknown said...

The pictures have a surreal quality about them.

Unknown said...

gher work is really good!!

Amit Agarwal said...

What an amazing artist Priti is! Thank you Deepa for providing us with a peep into her world:)

Anonymous said...

excellent work :)

Bikram said...

wow, that is some great work.. thank you for introducing


Rajesh said...

Beautiful work of arts.

Unknown said...

Stunning images...I have shared this post on Twitter and Facebook. Talent such as this deserves to be promoted.

Lisabella Russo said...

Oooh her artworks are so compelling and fascinating! Lovely art!

DVArtist said...

Thank you so much for the introduction. I am beyond touched by her art and the emotion it evokes. Stunning art.

Giggles said...

Stunning powerful artwork...there are no words as it speaks volumes!

Hugs Giggles