Friday, February 9, 2018

Shivalingapoo - And when the fragrance fills the air

I have been in love with this tree (Couroupita guainensis ) for some time now!!! Can’t get over it... there are some other trees too! But Shivalinga poovu or Nagalinga poovu, the flowers of this tree are so mesmerising and captivating that every time I walk by it to the temple nearby, I seem to stand still. The fragrance reaches even before you cross the gate. I inhale it deeply trying to make it linger for long! The hues, the uncommon shape, the texture is all so alluring!! I am always transported to Sree Raghavendra temple in Bengaluru. That was where I first fell in love with these divinely fragrant blossoms!!! I was 8 years old then.

I still remember the lush green garden with low hanging branches with fragrance in the air (not only of the flowers but also the incense from the temple) that each time I entered it, it would get me into a dream-like existence with prayers in the background. That vast expanse (or so I imagine) that I left many years back is still fresh in memory maybe with the romantic, the nostalgic adage that very often evolves and gets attached to it with passing years particularly with something from childhood. The strong-hued colors, the rich texture, the exceptional shape, the intoxicating fragrance are all so engraved, to stay forever with me. I was afraid to touch it though, as a kid, as it was considered that there would be a lot of serpents around the tree and to vouch for that the exotic flower did have a serpent-head-like form in its center.

Couroupita guainensis
from the nearby ashram compound where is situated a temple

Shivalingapoo or Nagalingapoo

...this is nowhere near its true self

shivalingapoo-first phase-HuesnShades


Here, the colours aren’t true, I have tried a variation in colours. I haven’t been able to quite catch the exact beauty of the flower. I think it’s a "lesson" again...but hey, I will keep trying! I feel it's unfinished too...will work a little more on it.

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Valerie-Jael said...

The tree is beautiful, as is your painting. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Rike said...

Your painting of the flower of this tree is gorgeous!
Happy PPF!

Susan said...

I love your colours here. The contrast is beautiful. Happy PPF

JFM said...

Beautiful photos and gorgeous art!!!
Happy PPF!

Beth Niquette said...

And now I am in love with that tree too! How exquisite! I love your painting of the flower. <3

DVArtist said...

I can see why you love this tree. Wonderful art too.

Linda Kunsman said...

How I wish I could smell the fragrance. Your flower painting is beautiful, and I love your new header!! Happy PPF!

Kokila gupta said...

I have a news for you... that, these Nagalingam trees are a common sight here in Himachal too! Though not common in the residential area but, I spied a lot of these in the demarcated forest area! Cheers to the fragrance and the beautiful hues. :)

Kokila gupta said...

...And, I have read the post from the point of view of your 'lesson' and liked the way you have experimented. To my and my daughter's untrained eyes, your artistic palette garnered the same effect. Beautiful .

Unknown said...

Your painting of the flower is beautiful

Sapna Dhyani said...

Beautiful...the tree, your description, and your painting!