Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am, A Teacher!

Hi Guys

Let me first tell you, I AM MISSING YOU ALL!!!

I have taken up a teacher's job in my daughter's school and thats consuming all my time. Loads of work and deadlines to meet.... But am enjoying it since I am dealing with l'tl ones. My daughter, L'tl A, is in Grade 2. I am taking classes for Grade 2 and 4. Their's is a Primary school...KG1 to Grade 4. This is the first time I am teaching small kids'...JUST LOVE IT!!! L'tl A is too excited...

Aunt Julie, your SUPER DUPER SURPRISE mail blew us off... L'tl was seen jumping around all over the place the whole day... That was very thoughtful and sweet of you!!!

Will post the pics later :))

Though my presence here has reduced, will try to make it up now and then.

Will keep posting once the initial 'tremor' is over :)

Thinking of you all,