Friday, March 22, 2013

Mural Lakshmi

There were days when I used to engage in artistic activities when I feel, since the past two years I have been creating art almost has become a necessity; unless and until I am sick or something. It is a part of me I can not separate and I enjoy it a great deal. Also I wish to know and learn more...a sort of craving, a yearning...about art, artists anything and everything related to art from nooks and corners of every bit of the world. I just can't stop feeling it! What interests you? Does this strike a chord  with you???

Goddess Lakshmi - SOLD
Mural style, 6x4 inches, clipped glass frame

Now, this little painting adorns the puja (Prayer) space of one of my friends, Sheeba Aji  in Dubai and that really makes my heart levitate just thinking about it. It's a form of constant blessing!!! Thanks Sheeba :)

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eye Glasses

 Eye Glasses

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It is not every week that I take part in IF but this is something I cherish each week. I do think about it and draw it in my mind's canvas but it's only a rare chance that I really get down to do it and draw it for real.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Madhubani Lakshmi

Taking Madhubani a step further and trying it out on glass felt good.... I liked the effect of it the lines and paints and the color that got added in it. To give an extra Oomph, I used stones and sequins and I am pleased with the result. What do you think?

Madhubani Lakshmi
Glass Painted, 6x4 inches, clipped glass frame
Available (Within U.A.E)

Linking it to Paint Party Friday.There's an Auction going on for Sandy Hook Elementary School...if interested you can drop by and have a look. There's some Fab Art there :)

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Heart Bookmark and Mail Art Swap

Exams! Its a hectic time! Anu's, my daughter's, exams are on and the schedule has tightened up... It will go on until 10 March. I am posting this after giving a model paper for her to write :) Do you also get worked up? I always like to do everything organized.... plan and be ready for it but my daughter is somewhat different and she has taken after her dad who thinks "I will handle it whatever comes my way as I move along..." So moving along....:)

I love reading and many a times I end up making bookmarks whenever I see left over charts or card stocks or materials suitable for it thinking I would use it. But then after making them instead of using it, I collect and preserve it in my 'bookmark box'. Here's one I made for Anu for this Valentines. She had gone to school demanding something special for her by the time she came back home. I practically made this in 10 minutes...the melted crayon sheet was prepared beforehand. So this is pretty easy to make!

To make this, I used a hair dryer to melt the crayons - red, blue and yellow. After it cooled and settled to form a pattern of its own I incorporated it in the bookmarks by cutting hearts out of it. Add a bit of glitz by using sequins, beads or anything of your choice. I have made use of tiny shiny hearts *L.O.V.E*

Postcards that I sent during the first week of February has started reaching its destination. I received news from two of my fellow Mail Art participants. I received two out of three postcards as well. I had displayed it in my previous post here.

As for my postcards, they are these....made with love and care :) Do leave your ever valuable comments; I do read and cherish them! Sorry, am unable to answer back each and every one as I sit before the laptop with a specific time schedule! Earlier when I wasn't this busy I used to, but now-a-days everything seems to be speeding off like a super fast mono train (that's in Japan, right?)!!!!

 Journey - Gond style (Featuring Magazine)

Life Within Life - Madhubani style (Featuring Magazine)

Neon Flowers (Elsia Choi)

 Friends (Mandy Michehl)

Blu Bird (Manuela Giffels)

 Birds - Chikan kari Style (Hrissi Haldezos...she's not part of Postcard Swap...this was sent as a gift with the art that she bought from me)

 Postcards waiting to be mailed...

Seeing all the excitement and buzz, Anu also wanted to do a postcard for Mail Art and she came up with this...and I think it's pretty Stunning for her age with a folk art. I also think the title is apt for what happened behind it's making :) The first two of my postcards along with this went to the Featuring Magazine office; as per their call for Mail Art.

Following Suit.... Gond Art by Anoushka, the Lil Artist! (Featuring Magazine)

Anyone interested to see more of her art can visit her space here....Anoushka's Kaleidoscope.

A big thanks to Artists in Blogland for this wonderful opportunity to connect with various like minded artists.

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