Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dance of Life

Do you like baseball (nut)? No, I don't mean the's an ice cream flavour :)
Now I know that I haven't tasted a lot of flavours since I started Ice Cream Inspirations... I have played safe by having over & over again the same flavours... I need to be a lil more adventurous. I have indeed tried & tasted a few leaving my comfort zone like Pralines & Cream, Gold Medal ribbon, Jamoca, etc & few names I have forgotten!!!! 

Baseball nut from Baskin Robbins

This week the flavour for painting is Baseball nut which has vanilla & black raspberry...the two colours that are to be used for our here's a lady in a trance dancing to the mystic tune or rhythm of life surrounding her and engulfing & imbibing  her somewhere deep into the be one with the Creator, the Master Musician.

Dance of Life - 7x10inches, Acrylics

I really hope you can see the vanilla's more creamy in person.So are you dancing too to the cosmic tune :)

3x6inches each
These are two bookmarks with the same baseball nut colours:) Anyone interested in using it...go ahead...print it on a card stock, punch a hole on top, add a ribbon or string & it's ready to use.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pond Park

It's been a busy week... Lady in Red reached it's rightful owner and am super glad that my lovely client, Mrs. Mini Sunil, loved it :) I met one of college mate, my dear buddy, after a span of 5 years!!! I was excited to the core, She is a mom of two lovely daughters and I was meeting her second daughter for the very first time. It was great to meet them all :)

The challenge for this week is Mint Chocolate chips in Summer of Colors - Ice Cream Inspirations. I tried something Asian... just two colours here...Mint green & chocolate brown!

Pond Park, Acrylics, 5x7 inches

There is a Pond Park near our place and the name has always made me to imagine some fantastic things. There are no ducks in there but it's a beautiful place for a walk or for kids to spend some play time. I don't get to go there often but when ever I visit I really feel rejuvenated. They have some lovely flower beds there...I can smell them right now :)

Last minute are two digital ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). You can find more of ATCs here, here & here :)
Digital ATC :)

Digital ATC again :)

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainbow Sherbet

Thank you Blogadda

The Summer of Color 2 has officially started! Week One - Rainbow Sherbet!
I love the sound of the flavour...haven't had it yet...I think it would be yummy:)
We have been asked to paint with four colours essentially - Orange, yellow, pink and white with the dab of any other colour if it is necessary. I have used only the four colours mentioned... It has been a great experience to experiment with limited colours. To narrow down the choices and yet to come up with something beautiful gives a high feel. I believe, it is such challenges that makes one a better artist. Thanks Kristin for hosting this wonderful Challenge :)
This is what formed in my mind on hearing the prompt; so what do you think of it? Have you had your share of rainbow sherbet???? In case any one wishes to join us, feel free and link it up here. If you wish more on the Challenge, read here.

Acrylics, 20x20 inches 3D streched canvas 

 can you see the texture?

My pink is a darker shade of it

Close-ups to have a look at the texture

Our next prompt is Mint Chocolate Chip...Ooooo! Great Colours!

Linking it to Weekly Story @Colours Dekor as well
I will soon be announcing a giveaway, so stay tuned :)
Good Day!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lady in Red

I came across a new weekly challenge - The Summer of Colour 2; Ice Cream Inspirations held by Kristin. You can find more about it here. I personally feel that it's a lovely challenge. I would like to give it a try; how about you??? Do visit the link, read it and if interested do take part...And I am sure you would be interested! The first prompt is Rainbow Sherbet, isn't it exciting?& lot of fun? I am busy creating that...

Jamini Roy has been one of my greatest inspirations for quite sometime now. I had painted the Puja Lady as I call her in blue saree a couple of months back (See the post here) and I received an order based on that. The client wanted the lady in red. So here's the beautiful lady draped in a red saree. What do think about the background? Do let me know how you find her...:)

Lady in Red, 9x12 inches, Acrylics

I will be announcing a give away stay tuned :)

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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Art forms whether it be dance, music, theatre or fine arts interests me. I have been in dance team in my school and college. A few times I have been in group music too. I never really had the opportunity to learn any of this in a proper manner I had the most supportive of parents though :) At times, I get into it so much that I even dream about it. My daughter has a talent for arts as well especially dance and I have enrolled her in a classical dance class. This is an inspiration from such experiences. I had seen some contemporary dance form in the newspaper or so long back, recently it just hit me in one such dream and this is the result!

This is an abstract form and it does give me the liberty to experiment. All my abstracts are intuitive. I have started enjoying this kind of procedure and have been doing it some of other forms too except the traditional form. Maybe it will creep into it soon....Please do give me your valuable feedback.