Saturday, May 30, 2009

Illustration Friday #1 - Adapt

"Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative."
My header, as you very well see, came handy for the topic of Illustration Friday - Adapt. The little boat is trying to adapt itself to the tumultuous fury of the ocean. Its just like us trying to stay calm amid the tyranny of the circumstances and personas!
PS:This illo was done as part of my practise, mirroring a picture given to me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Altered Ancestors - IMT

Living for a child
In the heat of the summer, life
Locks when Winter creeps.

I think children are like sponge, they absorb everything easily. Let them absorb that which is positive. Thanks to my parents for inculcating in us the best, to be humane. Hope you liked my Haiku ;)

This is an illo I created 2 years bac for a social cause. It was entry for CCA(Concerned Communicator Award). Hmmm...lost it, but happy that I contributed:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swan Song

Swan-Song-HuesnSHades"O sweet song, divine!
Closing mine eyes in blissful
peace sublime, I part"

My attempt at Haiku...I think it goes well with my illustration which was made earlier :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cactus Monday #8

ATC from Mim arrived today. And its gorgeous too. I loved the dancing posture. You can see what all came:) Thank you so much Mim. Now its your turn to choose from mine.

As its Monday again...Here's my cactus..its a doodle!
Cactus doodle:)
(Its an atc...hangover!!!)

Happy Cactus Monday, Friends!

Indian Art On ATCs

Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as business cards and thin enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets. The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origin in Switzerland. The cards are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold.
M. Vänçi Stirnemann originated the idea in 1996, holding trading sessions in Zurich, Switzerland.
Here comes my first collection: I wanted to present to you all a glimpse of Indian Art. This is a Series(sets of ATCs that are based on one theme but that are different are called series)
1. Kathakali: This is a traditional artform of Kerala where I am from. It is a classical Indian Dance Drama noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. It originated in the country's southern state of Kerala during the 16th century AD, approximately between 1555 and 1605.
Its a watercolor with gold paint for the crown.
#1 Picked by Lynn
2. Conch Shell: It has a great significance in mythology. It is supposed to be the primordial sound of creation. Each Conch shell in the famous epic MAHABHARATA has specific name like Krishna's conch shell was known as Paanchajanya. It also has scientific significance.Try holding a conch shell to your ear, the sound of the ocean humming gently can be heard. It is actually the natural vibration or cosmic energy of the earth that gets magnified on entering the conch shell. These unique whorls are directed clockwise in perfect synchronization with universal harmony. That is why a conch shell is blown during sacred rites to get rid of negative energy.
I've done this with sequins and glitter and outlined with embossing liner.

#2 Picked by SOUL
3. Patachitra Painting: Patachitra is a distinct art form that originated in Orissa. It is mainly based on the religious paintings that revolve around Lord Jagannath at Puri's famous Jagannath Temple. Patachitra makes use of bold and vibrant colors and is painted by a community of artists in Orissa called Chitrakars. Patachitra originated in the 12th century.The artist uses fine brushes made from the hair of a mongoose or rat or coarse brushes made from the buffalo's neck. Keya plants were also used for drawing thick lines. (I made use of my very own brushes from camlin & dynasty!!)
I've used Watercolor and fine liners.

4. Chikan Kari: An integral part of Indian culture since 655 AD Chikan Kari was strongly rekindled by Moghul queen Noor Jehan in later date. It not only enjoyed patronization of the Moguls but also attained perfection as the exquisite needlework and hand work underwent further honing and refinement. Lucknow has still sustained an unrivaled supremacy in producing the finest Chikan in India. It is an art of hand embroidery done on men and womens apparels.

I"ve used marker pens.

#4 Picked by Teri

5. Elephant: Elephant is again very auspicious for us especially in Kerala. It is a part of all temple festivals. To make a ring from the hair of elephant's tail is supposed to keep at distance the 'fear' in children and adults alike. Hope you see a semi-kundan stone on the elephant's back:)

Used watercolor and semi-kundan stones.

#5 Picked by SOUL
6. Warli Painting- Tree of Life- Warli art is an ancient Indian folk art tradition of painting of a Maharashtrian tribe called Warli.. Historians believe that the Warli tradition can be traced back to as far as the Neolithic period between 2,500 BC and 3,000 BC.The Warli paintings essentially depict the basic principals of life which are main theme or basis of any tribe. Their major designs include the harvest season,celebration, wedding, rituals and births. The trademark of Warli paintings is the use of geometric designs such as triangles, circles, squares, dots and crooked lines are used to depict human figures, animal figures, houses, crops etc. Warli art is known for its monochromatic depictions that express the folk life of socio-religious customs, imaginations and beliefs. Predominately white color is used on a red earthen background. (I've tried it on blue:))
Used watercolor.
#6 Picked by Lynn
7. Madhubani Painting- Women Drawing Water- Madhubani painting comes from the Indian villages of Madhubani and Mithila in Bihar. These paintings are done on various mediums such as cloth, hand made paper and canvas. The main themes of Madhubani paintings contain images of Hindu deities such as Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Also you will be able to find beautiful Madhubani paintings of sun, moon and tulsi or the sacred basil plant revered very much by the Hindus. The themes of daily activities, nature, flora and fauna and Hindu Gods are the most prominent.They are characterized by the vibrant and bold use of colors and traditional geometric patterns that supports the main theme.
Used watercolor and fine pens.
#7 Picked by Cris
8. Face and Hands: This is my own depiction of some wall art form. In the midst of doing all this artform, suddenly I felt a need to come up with some thing. I had seen such hands in some art form. So I blended it with a half-seen face:)
Used watercolor alone.
9. Warli Painting- Peacock- I've already given the description of this art form. This again shows the connection of nature and man which is evident in all artforms of India as it's considered that man and nature are inseparable.
Used watercolor alone.
#9 Picked by Cris

10. Palki (Palanquin): This doesn't follow any tradition. It was an integral part of Indian wedding though modern matters have taken over these days. The bride was carried to her in-laws house in it. They were also used to carry the wounded from the battlefield and transport them. Today they are also hired during pilgrimage to carry the customers up the steep hill.
Used watercolors, silver liner, sequins and semi-kundan stones.
#10 Picked by Teri
A glimpse all the ten atcs:

Now here's your turn...SOUL, TERI, LYNN, CRIS and MIM. I am to get an atc from Mim too. Two each for you all. Hope you understand why I took so much time to come up with this. I did a study to get to this. 3 weeks Phew!!!
I earnestly hope that you like it!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marvellous Gifts From Around The World

This post is in return for the atcs I received from Soul, Teri, Lynn & Cris. Thanks a lot, Soul, for the cards on which I've tried to contain my art. It was Soul who introduced me to this new form of art. ATC means Artist's Trading Cards. They can only be swapped..cannot be sold. They are a perfect gift from one artist to the other coz of its size. The dimension should be 2.5"*3.5". To know more about Atcs you can click here. I came across this site from Teri's post on atcs.

I received Some Gorgeous atcs from these wonderful Blogger friends and I would like to share my Ultimate joy with you. I was so overwhelmed that I sat holding them for sometime looking at it...dumbfounded. The envelopes itself were so very pretty:)

This Fabric atc is from Lynn. Its gorgeous and the feel of the fabric is just amazing. She also sent me a photo card. Lynn has her photo cards for sale in her blog. She has some extraordinary pictures to her credit. She's a wonderful quilt-maker too.Feel free to visit her blog to get a glimpse of her expertise.

This wonderful daisies came from Teri who is an ardent admirer of daisies. She also sent me a moo card..the tiny one with the picture of a log. There was even a pink daisy on the envelope.

Marianne sent me this wonderful and exquisite mandala. The tiny framed one is a 'Treasure'. As soon as my daughter saw that she grabbed it and said "I want it!! And I am ne'er going to give it back" with a naughty smile. This came to me for taking part in 'Pay It Forward', a game even I had posted in my blog which none took part :( else they would've got something from me too.

This is to show the wonderful stamps that came my way...thanks to my lovely blogger friends. I used to engage in philately when I was in school and college. Even now I collect it whenever I come across some nice stamps.

These are the ones that reached me from different parts of the world...

I am yet to receive atcs from Cris I am all excited.
And now Soul, Teri, Lynn and can choose from my first collection of atcs ever.
I'll post that tomorrow as I need time to describe my each atc. So until then its bye from me.
See you tomorrow:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creative Cat

Hi Friends

Here's something really Nice for you all...I wanted to share this exquisite anime card with you which my friend, Maru, sent me a few days back. She a friend from my college and a very dear one at that.

Don't miss this, do click on the link to see what happens and follow the instruction...

and keep the sound ON.

It was great watching this...really CREATIVE.

Jacquie Lawson's site is Awesome!!! Do check it out for anime cards for various occasions. You are sure to find it interesting.

Have a fun-filled day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blooming Tuesday & IMT

My First IMT* - Petals.
I was longing to make some of these spectacular topics for sometime.
Finally...I've done it!
I bought the bamboo frame from Daiso; I mentioned in my previous post. The artwork is however mine:)

I take on the wings
To glide away
Where Spring awaits

Happy Blooming Tuesday as well!
*IMT-Inspire Me Thursday.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cactus Monday #7

I visit DAISO once in a while to buy glass items or some itsy bitsy. But this is the first time I noticed this range of crafted cacti in the store for Interior decor. Since I joined Cactus Monday, I see cactus often times which I had missed earlier. Hope you enjoy these cutie l'tl cacti:)

Happy Cactus Monday, Friends!
For more cactus pics, visit Teri.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cactus Monday & Mother's Day

Today Missy has gone for an underwater exploration along with cousin, Ralph. They even came across Marlin and Dory. Missy is enjoying it to the core. She had always dreamed of swimming one day. Finally it's THAT DAY!!!

Know what she was even looking for tresure coz she has heard of it in many a tales...treasure hunt tales:)

Happy Cactus Monday!!!

This is a card my daughter made for me yester' in her art class at school with the help of her art teacher. She even hummed the lines in the back of it..."Mommy I Love You" and gave me a tight hug. It was so very sweet:)

Have a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Traces of Familiarity

The midnight rain crippled me

As I bellowed in the dark

I cringed and squirmed

Leaving no doubt of recovery

The slam shuddered from the depth of me

As I lay half-naked

Light peered thru the blinds

Investigating the reason

Soulful talk ensued

Consoling and caressing

Wiping and cooing

I looked deep into his eyes

With kohl smeared countenance

Something shook me…

Was it the chill of the night

Or the spine…?Amid angst

Hard touch checked my beats

As he smiled and smirked

Tears from above lashed

Deafening, numbing the senses

That has always been so…

While I lay vacant with traces of familiarity…

I think I've been concentrating entirely on fine art these days that I completely neglected my writing which by the way I am trying to refine. Please don't laugh at me. I really wish to write as fine as L'girl, Aniket, Cathy and Vesper. Not to forget l'tl Kriti. Since I started blogging I've put on hold my short stories to the entire dismay of my husband. So here comes the lash my friends...pls bear with me...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something Arty




These are the glass artworks I worked on a month and half before along with the profile picture, Spring. This was taken before Cathy's tip about setting the flash off:)

Foliage is inspired from the greenery around my place back home. Passion is abstract, done on the spur of the moment when I wanted to do 'Something arty'...the thrid too, which I've not named yet. That was done at 12 in the night!!! Inspiration drops at all odd times:)

"Painting is stronger than me, it makes me do its bidding." - Picasso
PS: Let me remind the residents of U.A.E that ARTE Souq falls on 8th of May,Friday i.e the day after tomorrow.
Venue: TIMES SQUARE CENTER, Sheikh Zayed Rd, At 3/4th Interchange, Dubai
TEL of TSC: 04 341 8020

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Award & Blooming Tuesday

Pea of PeazCreationz has given me this Lovely Award. Thanks a Zillion Pea!

Thank you all my dear blogger friends for the love and affection that you shower on me.

I mean it from the bottom of my heart:)

This award is meant for 15 new blogger friends who inspire you...and I would like to pass it on to one & all coz all are special and all have something new everytime I visit them...

I am totally lost here...So feel free to take it dear friends.

But don't forget to pass it on.

Link it back to the one who gave.

And leave a mesg for the ones you gave:)

These are the rules for your info.

Enjoy Buddies...Enjoy!

This is a sketch with color pencils. I loved the shape of it and the lovely colors so decided to sketch it. Hope you all like it.

Happy Blooming Tuesday!

ps: Almost all my photos are taken with my mobile, pls excuse the pic quality.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cactus Monday #5

Hi there, Sorry for being late!!
Actually I had gone to visit my was sort of a get-together.
We had a nice time. There were my parents, Granpa, uncles, aunts and cousins.
Mmmm...It was a lovely time.
You can see how happy we are...FAMILY REUNION!!!

Now don't tell me that you couldn't make out who I am!!!
Missy, remember??? My, forgot my adventures??
(u can read it under the title 'Cactus Missy On The Go)
The one with the pink flowers, thats me:)

Happy Cactus Monday!

pst pst, this was done in a rush as I didn't want to miss cactus monday celeb'...was tied up with my arte paintings... and really sorry for the pic clarity:(

To see more cactus pics visit Teri