Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fish And Shells

I love watching the sea...the rhythm of the waves, the cool breeze, the feel of the tiny grains of sand and the shades of's just amazing! All the same I kind of dread the sea at night...I feel that there's lot more hidden in the deep dark sea than it is perceived the naked eyes. Just my feeling!

I think most of us would pick shells when strolling in the beach. I do...I look for ones with different shapes and hues. The music of the shells is something that amuses and captivates perhaps everyone. It reminds us of the omnipotent and omnipresent God which surely says that I do mesmerise this world with so much more than can be fathomed by the common mind....It reminds us of the music that the nature holds within itself! Again, just my thought :)

Here's something I feel about the music, magic and abundant joy that resides in nature... So what do you feel about it??? Do let me know...

Fish and Shells - Watercolour, 10x7 inches

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Looking Forward

It has been a really hectic week...lots happening! In a month we will be off to India on vacation and I am very much looking forward to it :) My daughter has already started count down though it's more than a month from now.

This is a painting I did during the last few months of 2011. I do have some works of 2011 yet to be posted. This is a work very dear to me because as soon as I set my sight on this piece of wood, the image of a emerald - eyed girl with brunette locks popped up in my mind. This is painted on wood and I was painting on wood for the very first time. I was excited to see how it would turn out. The texture is different and I am glad with the result.

So here it is...Pls do leave me with your lovely comments...look forward to it.
Close up :)

 Looking Forward - Acrylics on wood, 12x4 inches

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lotus Reaper

Kerala murals are having a rebirth at this point of time. I see that people are becoming more and more interested in reviving fading and vanishing art forms. I also see that they are becoming part of the interior decor. That really makes me truly glad! I have loved all kinds of art forms be it from any part of the world especially the folk and traditional forms. Here, I have tried to use the mural procedure and drawn something less ornate unlike the usual murals to get a contemporary feel. Please do let me know what you think of it :)

Close up of different parts of the painting

Lotus Reaper - Acrylics, 15x30 inches

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Against The Tides

'Against The Tides' as the name suggests is something that we as artists can look forward to as they do some excellent work. As they themselves describe ATT as "an artist community giving them opportunities to showcase their talent from all different genres". It is a theme based art exhibit which they were running for the third year and this year the theme was 'Save The Planet'.  We displayed art works made from recycled materials and based on the theme of saving our planet Earth. The attraction was the exhibit in Dubai was on a Yacht named 'Lady Bella'. In Abu Dhabi, the display was in a Ballroom in Holiday Inn. I was lucky enough to be part of this wonderful art exhibit. Thanks to Zareen Khan of W2W who is the organizer of the show along with her dedicated team. A great team leader, Zareen herself is an artist and fabulous one at that :)

Here are a few pictures from the exhibit...We really had a great time :)

Artists who joined to 'Save The Planet'
The lady in the left in the front row is Zareen Khan :)


Inside the yacht

Sabeena with her Lilfairtrade shop

 A very enthusiastic lady with a passion for fair trade, Sabeena is a fabulous person.  Jovial and ready on her toes :) I had heard of Fair Trade but this was the fisrt time I got to know more about it. She had handbags from CapeTown made from car plates and seat belts. That according to me was the highlight from her products. She travels to various places to include such excellent pieces and also guarantees a fair price to the artists. Excellent job, Sabeena. Best Wishes to your LilFairTrade Shop :) To get a glimpse of her products, click here.

Kanwal Khan aka Kay Jay with her adorable wares

I met this wonderful girl, Kay Jay, at the bottom deck (I think that's what it's called) and she was explaning about her work with great zest. I could make out her innate, passionate spirit. She had created the dress from recycled materials. She even secured a model to wear it...unfortunately couldn't get a click. Kay Jay's mini hats were a hit! It was cute and immensely adorable. She also had mirrors decorated with shells picked from the sea-side. All in all she is an extremely talented girl set out on her artistic journey....She has an identity of her own - Kanwal Khan Kotoure (K*Cube), loads of wishes my dear :)

Sahar Latheef - Tabassum Kassim and other artists

Sahar and Tabassum, the duo, have range of their own called Prink, which states "verb : to adorn (oneself) in a showy manner". They are fashion designers who made garments from sarees and Do they look Awesome!!! They had a presentation of gorgeous models adorning their dresses and it was a Jaw-dropper :) They sure have a style of their own and they make a crystal clear statement. Girls, Way to go..... Sure to make a Mark!!!

Artworks by Mona Fares, Dolly Dream dolls and my Dis-Harmony along with my new artistic friends, Pari Sagar & Tinku Ghosh

 I am extremely glad to have made some incredible friends like Pari and Tinku. I will be dedicating a whole post on them... They are AMAZING ARTISTS!!! So stay tuned :)

Night View from the upper deck of the yacht :)

There were artworks of Biji Divakar, Ania Shnyukova, Dima Al Makaneh, Cathy Deniset, Hafiz, Carrie Warehem, Dina Butti, Mina Kici Khattar, Nada Vukasovic, Vr Krishnan etc...May be I've spelt wrongly coz I am writing from my that case, pls forgive me :)

We also displayed the works in Al Dana Ballroom, Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi. It was an exciting learning experience as well. My friends and family visited and they really lifted me to the seventh heaven :)

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vote For My Art : Cast Your 'LIKE'

Just a reminder to all my dear friends to vote for my art at the Against The Tides - Artists Community site where the works the contest is ON for the MOST LIKED ART. So please do FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW to cast your LIKE and please do SHARE it too... Do not forget to ask them to follow the link :)

Last date to cast your LIKE is Friday, 4 May.




Harmony - Warli Life

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