Sunday, March 5, 2017

I have just 9 more months

I have just 9 more months
until the nadir is upturned.
Revolutionaries build their castles
on distant islands, hoofed
among the strong forces of
Oceanic lands, where mirages
mirror one another
until it’s just one huge labyrinth
and the eye cannot see the truth.
Wandering aimlessly, fighting a vain war
often we end up on shores
seeking shelter, we assume it
houses just one for comfort
while invisible hands slice the throat
silently by night, relentlessly!
Muffled cries. Moans. Sighs.
But that’s just it...
I have just 9 more months
until the nadir is upturned
else death will dawn on all of us.

*Just a scarred story of a common soldier

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Self and the Other

My series in my show 'Repercussions' which happened in October 2016 was all about duality showcasing the external and internal turmoil, implications, suffering, conflict and at times even submissive passivity while the lamp of hope is still lambent. It was a mix of abstract art and surreal images with concoction of Haiku poetry to sum it all. This painting is not from the series, but was painted during the course of it though.

"Sometimes you find yourself as a vessel of your different self. Duality always perplexes me (or for that matter, anyone sensible). It is such dualities that make and break us. It is such dualities which when confronted in life that carves a niche, a haven or an abyss. As much as one wants to avoid it, it keeps happening though. It is the unclear voice within oneself that directs the whole show feeling the reigns in the grip of supposedly strong and focussed hands and yet every turbulence happen. It’s quite inexplicable to fathom that, leave alone explain it to the world. It is one such life I am in!"

That's the character below speaking!

Self and the Other

Shadows, silhouette,
Dangled lives
Sometimes one,
Sometimes separate
Cobbled and torn out.
I perceive,
Sometimes try hard
To visualize what is
And what is not.