Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Tulips

Red tulips was one of my friend/client's requirement. This is a commission work I finished last November. Red Tulips is strongly associated with true love. This is done using glass paints and fixed on a bamboo frame. I love the frame a lot, it has a rustic feel about it. What do you think?

"If I was a Tulip
And you were wind’s-wings,
I would not count
My broken dreams,
But bless the coming spring."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reinventing Jamini Roy

                                                   Acrylics, 9x12 inches

It's been a couple of months since I have been wishing to reproduce some of the works of One of my favourite artists, Shri Jamini Roy. He has been a great influence and his works are close to my heart. I love his simplistic and elegant style. I have tried to recreate this work, inserting in 'Me' though. Like the necklace which is partly visible in his work has been completed here. The colours too are a  variation. Eyes are definitely a deviation from his. He's unmatchable and yet I hope you like it :)

I should definitely thank Gloria of Gloria's Blog Viva La Vida for her Inspiration which finally provoked me into action. Her new year resolution finally set me going as well.

My daughter, Anoushka's (Krishna's) effort
she is 8 years old

A commendable one at that, what say? Do click here to view the complete picture. You will not regret it:)

To view Jamini Roy's paintings you can check here.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gifts, Awards and Event

I received a pack during Xmas/New Year. It was from Yoon See of Greener Pastures. She is one of my oldest friends in bloggyland. She's a genuine and a loving artist from Malaysia. She's one of my loyal readers who inspires me everytime she leaves a comment or message. Her words have always made me to strive to do better. I was extremely excited... Have a look at her sweet and cute gifts which added to the festive mood.

In came another surprise with The Versatile Blogger Awards from Nisha of Random Thoughts and Krishnapriya of Scribbling Pad. Both are my new found friends, the former being one of my bosom buddy's sister. Talented and promising writers! Thank you very much Nisha and Krishna:)

Last Friday was the Federation of Kerala College Alumni's(FECKA) Christmas and New Year Celebration. It was a dazzling night with some cooking competition and melodious & thumping numbers. Thanks to ARROWS band for the memorable night. The band consists of Arun, Roshan, Williams and Sudarshan of  the Star Singer (2007). Mrs. Lakshmi Nair, Magic Oven fame, was the chief guest.

All together it was a gala night. Thanks to FECKA!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Song of the Lotus - Kerala Mural Style

My first painting for the year starts with Kerala Mural style Lotus which is the symbol of divine beauty, grace, purity and elegance. It represents the purity of the body, speech and mind even though springing from muddy water of attachment and desire. It is also said that where ever Lord Buddha stepped a lotus bloomed. I wish the year 2012 is a benevelant one.

I have been in love with Kerala Murals for a very long time. From the time I started creating them I have been passionate about them. If you search the Net you will find loads of set patterns and designs. I wanted to create something of my own that is traditional yet contemporary. This is my first attempt at triptych. (Triptych is a painting in three parts)

I have used Lotus which is one of my favourite themes. White lotus represents a state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity. Being a piscean, the fish came naturally :) That wasn't intended! I have tried bringing about different textural effect in different hues.

Hope you like it.

Song of the Lotus, Acrylics
Each piece is 7x9.5inches
Together 21.5x9.5inches

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