Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am Back

Dear Friends

Let me begin with loads of wishes for a happy, peaceful and prosperous year ahead...

Let all your dreams blossom and flower in 2011!!!

I am back in action after a period of silence. My health had taken a toll on me.
The job was temporary. So I finished the term, went to India, was under treatment and then came back...
Those who enquired (esp Julie and Aniket) after me in my absence I am really really grateful to you for you made me feel important. Though I couldn't get back to you coz of my limitation I in no way consider it small.
I will forever remember it. It came as a solace when I needed it most.
And now I would like to break the silence with this post.

I couldn't do much art during my treatment or later.
Just started 'creation' by mid of Dec.

I will come up with some art that I did lately.

Love you all