Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hanging Umbrellas and Cute Birds

Friday is around the corner again and it's PPF and SOC...since I do not wish to miss it...posting it on Thursday night. I will be off the grid for a few days...a very short break! I may also appear after a week as usual...uncertainty prevails...need a few days off for a few personal matters to be met :)

Hanging Umbrellas - Digital

The colour combination for this week was Candy Apple Red and Yellow. This is inspired from a picture by Patricia Almeida and this represents the Agitagueda Art Festival of Portugal. I loved it the picture so much so that I decided to try it in digital.

Cute Birds - Digital

One more attempt with the same colour combination on the birds. Linking it to PPF and SOC...

Adieu for now :)

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rains, Blossoms and Dreams

It's raining cats and dogs here!!! So much so that the Collector has declared holiday for educational institutions. Some times it's so hot that the earth develops veins and craves for a drop and some times the earth is so full that it fails to contain it! Poor Mother Earth; suffering at the hands of us....mean Humans!On a brighter note...everyone has enough water now! And children can play with paper boats! :) Anyways the earth looks beautiful and really Green!

This week's SOC colour combo is Charcoal Grey and Pale Pink. Since I am doing digital pieces for the challenge I am revisiting many areas I hadn't done for long. It's a sort of revision :)

 Cherry Blossoms - Digital

Anyone who knows me will also know that I LOVE blooms (among other things :)) Cherry blossoms are ones I had been wanting to paint for a very long time. Finally I am doing a digi piece...not satisfied though. I will be painting one soon with all those wonderful feel of the colours in ones hands...

Pattern Paper - Digital

Personally I just LOVE this quote....very inspiring! I dream a lot...even day dream and that's so typical of Pisceans I hear. I don't talk much about my dreams as I fear they may not come true...all the same I hold them dearly and each cell in me keeps wishing that it turns true and of course I do work towards it too but at times I am stuck as I do not know which path I should take (reminded of Frost!) or which step is the next one. My dreams are a bit Big! (understatement!!!) but I do hope to reach there sometime soon!

 ATC - digital with the SOC color combo

 ATC with inspirational quote - Digital

Linking it to PPF , SOC and Show and Tell Saturday..Do come over to visit a variety of artists...

Ref images of cherry blossoms, lady & sunflower from google.

Please do not use/reproduce the content (words as well as images) without the written consent of the author.