Monday, May 20, 2013

In Between A Big Move

There has been a long silence from my end and undeniably all of a sudden. It was so necessary, I assure it. I was in between an unexpected move from Dubai to Palakkad, Kerala; my hometown. It was both a glad and a sad decision, at the same time! I miss my good old friends in Dubai and all the arty souls whom I adore and ARTE where I exhibit once in a while. All the same I am pleased to be with my parents and meet my school-college friends and all the pleasantries associated with it. My daughter is never tired of enjoying and exploring the 'outside world' after remaining in the 'confines' for a long time. The saddest part is she misses her Dad a lot; every day, every moment!!!

I haven't been able to engage in arty work since I arrived here. It would take another couple of weeks to get into that 'self-searching' and 'soul-stirring' lane; at the least 'get-inspired' mode!

I have been in between searching an appropriate school, taking admission, running errands for various other things, meeting people, making a new visiting card etc etc etc. I love my colony environment which I feel is a world in itself; with advantages and disadvantages :) I had some Great time being an audience of a few captivating you all a glimpse of the Music and Arts Festival held at Puthur Bhagavathy Temple during April.

A performance that has to be seen to believe it...Fantabulous duo; one excelling the other! The feeling that Remaji imparted and evoked is indescribable...Fab Performance!

There are even more wonderful pictures of varied and colourful events...will post it in my next post.

Adieu for now :)
Take Care Folks!

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