Friday, July 10, 2020

Limited Colour Acrylic Ink Illustrations

“Murky marigolds
Wonky streets
Stranger things”

Lately, I have been writing more often than before now that I have not been able to engage in my art regularly. Not only the pandemic but my health has also been affected a bit so taking a little time off. These illustrations below are a collection from inkredible inktober that I missed to share as I could complete it only by mid-March (began in October last year) when the lockdown started; definitely a much-delayed post. I have used Daler & Rowney acrylic inks on Strathmore mixed media sketchbook. 

The only good side (since I am unable to do my art) is that I have been taking part in a couple of writing challenges particularly poetry challenges, thanks to Asian Literary Society for the engagement. They had also hosted an online Art Exhibition, Navras 2020 - a nine days festival of art, culture and literature. You can check my art here on their official blog.

The prompts (of the inkredible inktober challenge) are not in this order though - adding a couple of my haiku too.

Spider gently spinning


Forest of Wonders

Berry Picking

Healing Roots

"Night in layers
Silence flows
Stranger things”


Floating house

Foxy tale

The fog awaits

Inner warmth-HuesnShades
Inner warmth

"Stillness and silence
Go hand in hand, a quick
Drop and rhythm breaks"

What do think? Which one did you like the best? Would you like to tell me the Top 3 or top 5?