Sunday, August 21, 2011

Warli to China

Hello dear friends

Hope you are doing well. I am indulged in creating some new art which is still in progress. So posting something I had made few months back. Hope you like it. At times, I do some browsing and when I like it I try to recreate - sort of practise to polish my art. The ones posted here are such practices with my own tint:)

There's an update as well. Now you can find me in ARTISTS OF INDIA; a group blog by Arti Chauhan. Pls do visit the blog and encourage the group:)

Celebration - Warli Painting with sketch pens on cardstock

Gold Fish - Chinese Painting with acrylics
Inspired from a Chinese Painting book

I have been awarded by Sujatha Sathya of Conversations
Thanks a lot Sujatha...I will soon be adding it to my Blog Awards Display...:))

Thank you for your continued support...
Good Day Dear Friends! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flowers for Friends

'Bouquet' with colour pens...most recent one

watercolour with acrylics

Here's few flowers for my dear friends in Dubai whom am missing deeply as I haven't seen them for over a month now. They don't read my blog but still they would know...Love ya all:))

This week I have been visiting temples which I get to do only during this time of the year as I am in my native land, Kerala. Since it is Karkadaga maasam (Malayalam month of the year) or the Ramayana month, it is said that visiting as many temples as possible is really good. It's so nice a be in the almighty's presence, seeing all the lighted diyas (lamps) and to savour that spiritual and divine ambience and to feel protected. I love the fragrance of sandalwood paste (Kalabham), incense, flowers and camphor...everything that reaches one when standing in front of the Sreekovil(sanctum sanctorum). Almost always I get carried away and I feel like crying, I don't know why!!! maybe I am nuts! Anyways I LOVE that feel! I feel I am Loved the most and HE will take care of everthing. Does that happen to you???

Friday, August 5, 2011

Venugaanam (Song of the Flute)

Venugaanam - 6*4 inches, Acrylics

O divine musician,
Your music is like a flowing stream,
ripples in a soothing pond,
laughter like an innocent child's,
and delightful like a heavenly dream!

I dedicate it to all my lovely readers who inspire me in n out, day n night with their wonderful comments. You are a great source of inspiration for me to do better n better...

Thank you dear friends.... keep motivating & let me unravel my artistic skills for everyone & myself to enjoy:)))