Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goddess Saraswathy - My First Mural Creation

Goddess Saraswathy - Seat of Learning
Acrylics, 19 * 26 inches

My first attempt at Kerala mural painting...Since puja/navratri strats today, I thought of posting this... a nice way to begin it:) Hope you all like it.
Goddess has been really lucky for me as I had mentioned in my previous post. I have got an order for the same and am currently working on it. Thank you, dear God! Thank you Saraswathy aunty! Thank you Anilettan!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet A Kerala Mural Artist

Hello Friends

I have been busy with so many things at a time! I was feeling invisible, coping spirituality & practicality/reality in one go, following the path of Lord Buddha, trying to remember Robin Sharma, trying to be Super-human, but all in vain:) Finally I have rested everything on the shoulders of the Lord to resolve. Somethings are best left untouched else it will muddle the whole thing.

Anyways, here's something that I did during my vacation in India & I enjoyed it thoroughly. Meet an Artist from Palakkad, my home-town.

 A Retd. Deputy Collector & Artist, Saraswathy aunty(as I call her) is an active spirit, very cool, calm and composed and super talented at 65. Soft spoken and humble is what comes to my mind whenever I think of her. My vacation was worthwhile as I spent some quality time with her - a week - which will remain memorable! Thanks to Anilettan, a multi-talented artist, who introduced me to her. Thanks a ton, Bro'!
Both of them are truly inspirational...

These are only a few murals from her whole lot of collections...

Ananthashyanam -  This is really huge!


Krishna & Kuchela

I will display my work in the next post. Underneath is the picture of 'Unmeelanam' or 'Opening the Eyes'. According to the mural tradition, it is the guru who does the eye in the very first creation of the student. It was a Friday, the lamp was lit and the Unmeelanam was done. I chose Goddess Saraswathy as she is considered the Goddess of Learning, since I was learning a new art, I thought that would go well with my artwork. I must say, It has been lucky for me.

My guru is opening the eyes of my artwork - Goddess Saraswathy
Until my next post...
it's me signing off.