Monday, February 27, 2012


I love Lord Krishna and Krishna in any form is amrit(heavenly nectar) to me. It just seeps through the senses. I like to paint my love for him. Here's the Divine couple for you.

Jamini Roy reproduction for the month. I wish to recreate one of Jamini Roy's painting every month. Let me see how far I can keep it up. All the same I really wish to.

Radha Krishna
Acrylics, 16x16 inches

I am immersed in my own world...

...of love and longing

...self reflecting in the eyes of the beloved

...beautiful than I had ever known myself to be!

Box canvas, gives a nice projection

What do you think? Do let me know how you feel about it.
Who is your all time favourite???

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Day Well Spent...

Hello my dear friends

Thank you for all the wonderful response, comments and inspirations. I have been really tied up and haven't been able to reply to your comments...extremely sorry!!! So I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, my lovely friends for the support and encouragement that you are showering on me.

Currently, I am busy with few commission works. I will be posting about it soon. There will be short breaks meanwhile as I have to meet deadlines...(to tell you the truth) I like the sound of it:))))
So how are you all doing??? BTW this is a late post...but I had to share this.

On a Saturday, 11th of Feb, I was at DIAC(Dubai International Art Centre) in Jumeirah. I was visiting the place after a long span. One of my fellow blogger friend, Purvi, was giving a trial session and I wanted to see the artist in action. She creates some exquisite and intricate 3D Wall Art. Her Wall art is something that I admire immensely. The artist herself displays a warm and friendly attitude, eager to explain and willing to share. Great to have met her! Best Wishes Purvi :)

Art & the Artist

Displaying the intricate work

My 8 yr old,"Lemme try my hand at it :)"

 After trying wall art we strolled through into the DIAC Gallery called Gallery 76. Apart from the gallery, artworks were on display through out DIAC - the reception, the stairs and the studios. It was a treat to see the variety of artworks; pencil sketches, acrylics, Islamic art, photpgraphic art, decoupage, portriats. I was lost in a different world and I had the least intention of coming back home :) Love the ambience!

 The next session was interesting right from the title onwards - 3D volume decoupage. This stunning technique of 3D decorations is created and patented by Monica Allegro, an Italian decorator. It's a technique by which paper images are transformed, with the help of specially designed transparent materials, to 3D volume objects. It's pretty amazing and interesting to see the printed images turning out into 3D images; the magic happens right in front of you with your own hands :) Ksenya Kirsanova is from Russia and it is she who teaches this specific art in Dubai. She explained the process in detail and gave us a lucid picture.

This was how our table looked. We were given these materials to work on. Can you see the flower brooches? Aren't they pretty pretty? You should have seen the necklace!!! That was a beauty! Couldn't get a picture of that though:(

Materials for me to work on...

Being a studious student I was very attentive and imbibed all that she said. I think the teacher was happy with my attempt:))

 Did you like it???

Hope you all have a Great time!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Collection

February is the Month of can see hearts everywhere! Malls, supermarkets, TV, papers, magazines, goes the list. It's as if love has sprung from some unknown depths and permeated to make itself known to the whole wide world :) Here's my collection that I created specially for this Valentine's Day. Something cute, simple and soft!

5x7 inches Acrylic paper
Watercolour, ink and glitter

5x7 inches Acrylic paper
Watercolour, ink and glitter

5x7 inches, digital arts

Wishing all my dear friends
A Happy Valentine's Day!

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