Saturday, January 30, 2010

L'tl A Has Won!

L'tl A won the Finger Painting contest, in two categories, conducted by Shruti Bhat, Mindful Meandering. Thanks to all of you my dear friends who voted for her and those who admired her art. Thanks a zillion!

Congrats to Smitha, Div, Shalini and TPL...the other winners.

Thank you Shruti for this wonderful contest of which L'tl A is honored to be a part of.
Good Luck to MM!

You can visit L'tl A to see more of her art.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Song Of The Bird

"I give bird song to those who dwell in cities and who have never heard them, make rhythms for those who only know military marches, and paint colors for those who see none"
- Olivier Messiaen

Few days back I received these from my dear friend,
Yoon See from Malaysia.

This cute drawing greeted me to the beautiful card(the blue card with cute drawing) inside...

To those who don't know my other interests...I love collecting stamps. Philately is something I am pursuing since college.

This fabulous pouch has treasure inside...Its from Sarah Flood, Sweden.

You should pay a visit to her blog if you are in search of some fantabulous handmade jewellery. These are her creations. This is her etsy shop

Monday, January 25, 2010

From Near to Far:)

Arizona Saguro Cactus

Unbelievable to see how the picture progresses from near to far...
I received this in one of the fowarded mails from one of my friends. I found this really impressive and so thought of sharing it with you. As it begins with a cactus I thought its apt for Cactus Monday!

Happy Cactus Monday!

For More Cactus pics, rush to Teri

PS: Thank you one and all who has voted  for my daughter and to those who couldn't but enjoyed it. The voting is still on till 28th. The details are in the post below. Thank U all, Once again!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pls Vote In The Widget

Dear Friends

A widget has been placed in the sidebar of the link

where you've to cast your vote by clicking on the number 30 - The Fingerprint Flowerpot and Bugs.

So pls vote for my daughter there. Earlier I gathered that one just has to comment in the Comment Section by giving the number. My friend Rajeswari brought to my notice, the widget that was placed after that.

I will be really grateful if you could do that.
If you feel that L'tl A is worth it:)
Its a gr8 encouragement for the l'tlone!

Thanks to every single, loving soul who voted for her:)
Thanks in Advance.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flowers and bugs - Pls Vote

Pls cast your vote in the address below for L'tl A's art, the number is
30.The fingerprint flowerpot & bugs
You have to comment there specifying the number ie 30.

Finger painting by my daughter with a l'tl bit of my contribution. This is an entry for Mindful Meanderer's contest on finger painting.
The idea of flowers and bugs was L'tl A's. I suggested the flower pot. She's very fond of flowers and keeps drawing them. Only the vase/flower pot I helped her to dab the paint.

Keeping our fingers' crossed :)

If you would like to leave a comment to L'tl A and see more of L'tl A's art in the future
Pls visit here.  She wanted a blog for herself very badly!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flowers and Fabric

Different ways to paint on fabric...

Bouquet of Roses painted with pearl paint and acrylic.

With cut lady's finger dipped in paint. Just like painting with small blocks.
Remember the ones with cut beans I had posted here

Using small round brush with just a single stroke.

Using dots to emphasize.

By dipping on two colours and using it in a single stroke.

Painting with lines.

Using three colours.

Using flat brush to shade

Using stencil

With shapes

Separation of colours

Using coir pieces to shade the inside of the flowers and leaves

Hope this gives you an idea of the various ways one could paint on fabric.
Remember the fabric shouldnot be one that is to be starched.
After applying paint it has to dry atleast for 24 hours. To fix the paint onto the fabric, iron nicely on the reverse. Place a newspaper on the fabric so that the heat doesn't directly affect the fabric..which may not happen always. But thats safe for the paint.

Do try when time permits.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Desert Sunset, Confined!

Hey, I am back :)
Hope you all had a great time.
I really enjoyed my stay back home, as always!
My brother's engagement went very well and the couple make a good pair :)

Desert sunset...silhouetted cactus
Both these pictures are digital art.

For more cactus pics, make your way to Teri's

Illustration Friday - Confine

People who have accomplished great things in life have not confined themselves to the beaten tracks.
Don't you agree?