Friday, May 8, 2015

A Prayer to the Inner Self

Pathetic Fallacy!
Human emotions we attribute to different aspects of nature...It's a literary term and an extremely poetic one!
I find myself doing just that every now and then! Rather, almost always!!! It's as if nature is an inextricable part of me! We attach our emotions to nature and feel they either condole or celebrate with us. I usually look more into the celebration part. I have never found/actually met anyone who does that to my extent until recently. I was so surprised and super-glad when it was reciprocated with the same magnitude! That set me thinking...

How many of you feel it that way? Do you experience it too?

I recently completed a series of three paintings that evokes this emotion and which I can not share it here as I need to submit it for a few specific artsy needs. :) 

Whether animate or inanimate, nature is wholesome and it does have a 'life' to it which reciprocates the way we would like it to do is a kind of prayer. As they say the Universe conspires to make our dreams come true! Nature, inevitably, plays a major role by sapping in the vibes and sending it out to the universe! :)

Recently, I read Hermann Hesse's 'Siddhartha' where Siddhartha says that a stone which is so now need not always be a stone, it could be anything from soil to human... there is a cycle of transformation. Just so, we could be the past or in the future...anything from a stone to this animate form of human!

Sometimes you wonder whether we humans have turned to stone just because of this very fact! Don't you see the kind of stone-hearted ones around! One can also see people around each in their own sorrow, fighting a lonely battle, enduring it all...each one of us is in pain, some form or the other. Sometimes, one can feel that vibe! I feel sorry then! feel helpless! 

Art, I feel, always helps at least to a certain extent to overcome this pain! 

Art is like a trance, a meditation...a prayer to the inner self! to the nature! to the Universe! 

If your prayer is genuine, one is sure to get it it late, but it would nevertheless be answered!

I would like you to please share your thoughts, views and opinions. :)

small section of my intuitive painting - a WIP

Linking it to Eva and Kristin's PPF :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Art Is In The Air

Art was definitely in the air at DUCTAC (Mall of the Emirates in Dubai) last weekend when The Gallery of Light was filled with colourful and ambitious works of some amazing talents. It was a fabulous collection and a dazzling golden feather to Artzest's cap for having come so far in their passionate venture in such a short span. I remember their first show at Arabian Ranches some five years back which was superlative enough for a start with M.F.Hussain, himself, attending the show.

This is the second time I was visiting DUCTAC and the place is remarkable as it is one of the most prominent and happening centers of art in Dubai with workshops, exhibitions and plays going on frequently.

From the artworks, I have many personal favourites and I am a bit biased towards my friends (from FB) too :) ...but there were many new, promising and upcoming talents in this show. 

Faizal Saeed and Reham Saeed - ArtZest

A wonderfully determined couple attributing to ArtZest's success.

 Devi Seetharaman's welcoming work

 DUCTAC - The Gallery of Light - Mall of the Emirates

 Can you identify Santhana Krishnan's work?

 Mrs. Deepa Seetharaman(wife to Indian Ambassador in the U.A.E) and Peter Gressman 

 You can see Sekhar Roy, Ramesh Pachpande and Fawad Tamkanat's works.

 Gorgeous Devi Seetharaman with her Arabic ladies
(Daughter of Mr.Seetharaman, Ambassador of India) 

Devi Seetharaman and Anoushka (Krishna), my daughter :)
When Ms.Devi invited her to have a click...

Linking it to PPF...Some stunning works can be seen there... :)