Saturday, October 31, 2020

Artists & Poets - "IGNITE-from within the confines-" Our First Eight

 “To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim.” ― Oscar Wilde

That said, on the contrary, here I need to reveal them for you my dear friends…

Here's the first set of Artists and Poets:

Read more about it and get to know the artists and poets by following this link:

"IGNITE-from within the confines-"

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The exhibition I am curating is about to start, do stay tuned for updates. I hope that it will ignite every one from within the confines just as it did to us.

Friday, October 23, 2020

"IGNITE-from within the confines-" Online Exhibition of Art & Poetry

Love paintings? Love poems? Love both? Then there’s something beautiful coming your way from “US,” diverse and unique voices your way.

Here's an announcement:

"IGNITE-from within the confines-" Invite

“IGNITE-from within the confines-“is a collaboration of 8 artists and 8 poets carefully curated by visual artist-art blogger, Deepa Gopal, currently residing in Dubai who is from Kerala, India. The exhibition brings together art and poetry from different parts of the world in the form of videos with introductions, art, poem recitals and texts through blog, Instagram, YouTube and personal social media handles. 

The artists include Ahlam Abbas (Beirut, Lebanon), Anindita Chakraborty (Hyderabad, India), Deepa Gopal (currently in Dubai, from Kerala), Devan Madangarly (Kerala, India), German Fernandez (currently in Dubai, from Peru), Lauren Rudolph (New York, USA), Liz Ramos-Prado (currently in London, from Peru) and Yamini Mohan (currently in Dubai, from Kerala).

The poets include Ardra Manasi (currently in Manhattan, USA, from Kerala), Ellora Mishra (currently in Hague, from Bhuvaneshwar), Gitanjali Kolanad (Toronto, Canada), Joseph Schreiber (Calgary, Canada), Mini S Menon (Kerala, India), Namratha Varadharajan (Bangalore, India), Radha Gomaty (Kerala, India), Sonia Dogra (Delhi, India).

The date will be announced soon. Do join us in our creative journey by following us on social media and by following and subscribing to our accounts.

“…the airbrush and acrylics, a haiku and rhymes

is art, they asked, even worth a single dime…

well…when ruthlessly the mighty oaks, one day fall

a poem silently IGNITEs from within the confines.”

-Sonia Dogra

Stay safe and stay inspired!

Friday, October 9, 2020

From Birds of Kerala Series

 It’s already October, the year is about to finish and we are still fighting the invisible intruder that has wrecked our system. Amid all this life is moving on as can be. Even in such dire times, we are engaged in creating something or the other. The instinct of creativity is intact, rather I gather it has multiplied manifold in various forms and arenas. I would like to take it as something positive though there may be some or many who may disagree.

Along these lines, I had ventured into something I had been harbouring for some time now. Soon there’ll announcements made here in my blog as well as all my other social media platforms, do stay tuned. It’s something pretty exciting for me and for some of my awesome friends and hopefully, it will be too for all of you, my dear readers.

Until then here are some birds from my new series – Birds of Kerala. Four on a page, small size something like artists trading cards(ATC). This is on Hahnemuhle oil/acrylic pad but I am using gouache. Gouache looks quite good too.

Malabar TrogonThey are found in the Tropical forests and coming home in the Western Ghats. So basically I am doing Birds of Kerala, hope to reach somewhere with my collection. This is a male which has a fire-brand deep red belly and I am reminded of Gulmohar, while the female has the colour of burning ember with a beautiful shade of orange! I am so awestruck by these beautiful birds!

Malabar Trogon - male

Indian Cuckoo/ Vishu-pakshi - It is called “Vishu pakshi” (Vishu bird) as it appears with its distinctive call around the Vishu festival.

Indian Cuckoo/ Vishu-pakshi

Great Hornbill/ Vezhambal (State bird of Kerala)Though it’s the state bird, it’s an uncommon sight except in sanctuaries. It’s a nearly threatened bird as we, humans, have constantly been destroying their habitat. They are supposed to be the harbingers of rain. I read somewhere that the Great Hornbill was selected as the State Bird because of its strong family ties as the protector of the family. In some cultures, they are the spirit of God and bring in good fortune when they fly over a household.

Great Hornbill/ Vezhambal 

Cinnamon Bittern or Mazhakocha - Small heron of wet and open grassy areas such as flooded meadows and paddy fields.

Cinnamon Bittern or Mazhakocha 

Most of the images and information are referenced from and some other sites. forgot the names as I have been onto it for a couple of months now. This is an ongoing one and am still working on other birds. In case you are interested in purchasing the works or print, do comment or email (it's in my About page) me. Hope you like it. 

What's your current project?