Saturday, November 24, 2012

Security - FFF Challenge 4

Fall Fearless & Fly Challenge 4
Headline Prompt:  Security:  What makes you feel safe and secure?  What rattles your sense of security?  Where do you go for comfort and refuge?
Color Prompt: 
Cool colors (blues, greens, violets, etc.) 
Quote Prompt: You can't make a place for yourself in the sun if you keep taking refuge under the family tree.  Helen Keller
 Security - Come to think of it there's a lot that can be said about it! Lot of factors!
For me, as for any lady/girl, a sense of security is part and parcel of life....perhaps one of the most important criteria. It could be from a smallest thing to one of the biggest in life... I feel my home, my place, my family especially my mom gives a firm sense of security. Speaking about my mom, she is a simple person who has spent all her life for her family which not only includes my dad, bro and me but also her parents, her siblings and the everyone else. She is one of the self-less persons I have seen in my entire life! She can identify and sense a person with her intuition, and whatever she has said has always come true. All the same she never expresses any negative feeling or harbour any grudge against anyone. It is only when she reaches the tip of her endurance does she react (which I have felt has it's disadvantages too!) I am very close to her and I think I am following that tradition with my daughter as well. The mother-daughter relationship has a strong foothold in my life; we are very close knit. So my inspiration, my comfort, my refuge has always been my mom. Similarly I have come across a lot of people who feel that they feel more secure where they reside. I have been here in Dubai for 11 years now but it's always my town, my place that gives me a sense of stability and security. I can not state the reason but that is just so. As soon as I reach there, it's like 'MY PLACE'! 

Misunderstandings rattles, with all your goodwill and sense of positivity work on any relationship, any situation and when it backfires without any rhyme or reason, it bewilders me. I believe in the positivity of people...the energy that we speak of...but even after all your deepest, sincere and heartfelt actions people mistake you; that is beyond endurance. I think people often mistake tolerance for cowardice. It's just that we are tolerating; it is not out of cowardice. It's just that we don't wish to hurt the feelings of our near and dear ones. It's said that once the stone is thrown it can never be taken back or it's like the nail, once nailed it leaves a scar. 

If you have read it so far, then thanks...I am usually not the one for long posts! But this topic opened me up, I should say! 

So here's my interpretation of Security:

Security - 12x9inches, Mixed Media
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Diwali Crafts

Few Diwali items that I created over the past couple of weeks...I had them exhibited along with my paintings at ARTE Souq. It's a tedious process though to make these items as there will be beads, stones, sequins, diyas etc etc etc spread all over the place and it will continue to be so until you finish it! But the result is satisfying when you hear people say they loved it...just like paintings! Yes, I had a small Home Fair for the very time and it went well than I expected...thanks to some loyal friends and well wishers :D A huge thanks each one of them!!!!

Here's a sneak peek...hope you like case you did, you can leave me a comment. It's a morale booster! You could even join in my Morale Boosters list :D

 Tealight (diya) holders 

  Small tealight (diya) plates

 Small tealight plates

 Madhubani Fish bowl

 Madhubani Bird bowl

 Red tealight holders

  Decorated hexagonal mirrors with tealight holders

Tealight holders

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Triumphs and Defeats - FFF Challenge

Headline Prompt:  Triumphs and Defeats:  What do you see as your greatest triumphs or defeats?  What have they taught you?  Which have you learned more from?
Color Prompt: 
Black and white
Quote Prompt:
Not in the clamor of the crowded street, not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

This has been a great challenge to evaluate and assess ourselves. Perhaps my greatest is yet to come all the same I have had my moments where I have felt both.  Defeats, I have always found my way out and being a self inspiring and positive person I have worked it out even if I have taken some extra time at times! Triumphs I have had and yet I haven't let that affect me more than it should (may be I haven't had it BIG enough :) )  I personally feel whether it's triumph or defeat everyone has their share and one should never allow it to overpower us. Each experience is a Lesson from which one gains innumerably! 

You can see my interpretation here:
Flowers for triumph and tears for could have a phase of triumph or defeat alone and/or a mix of both. The circles are the opportunities and chances that we grab and miss as they slide away while the blocks are the physical/mental blocks which could be circumstances, people, drained out period etc. The eye is the all seeing, all realizing, omnipresent eye that helps you to see yourself and others at the same time. It helps one to be the judge of the situation and learn from the experience. In a blink the situation could change and everything depends on one's perception - positive or negative, triumph or defeat!

As I am a lover of colours, it was difficult not to paint! But all the same I loved to see how it comes out putting aside my limitations and inhibitions.

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Triumphs and Defeats - A5(5.9x8.3 inches), 
140lbs, Acid Free, Daler and Rowney Acrylic paper

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lord Ganesha - Kerala Mural

Lord Ganesha is considered as the Lord of wisdom and one who erases all obstacles. He is the Lord with an elephant head. He has two wives, Riddhi (wealth and prosperity) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual powers). Once I happened to hear Dr. Gopalakrishnan's (Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage - IISH)  scientific explanation of Lord Ganesha's concept. He mentioned an interesting aspect that the head of the lord is almost the same shape of the brain and medulla oblongata which obviously is the seat of wisdom of any person. In order to make the common man understand the different concepts, yogis and the intectualls resort to symbolic concepts to make a connection and to lead them (the common man) to spirituality.

This is a Kerala mural painting done with watercolour and the image is a googled one. I am unaware of the actual creator as in the case of murals, the designs and patterns are basically in vogue through centuries... If you wish to see my own creations with the Kerala mural procedures applied, you can click here and here.

Watercolour, 16x22inches,
140lbs Daler and Rowney Aquafine paper

diagram of brain and medulla oblongata
Can you see the pattern on Ganesha's head and trunk area?

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image courtesy of medulla oblongata : google

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