Friday, July 19, 2019

Art Exhibitions, Preparation and Practice

Often I take up some personal pet projects and try to work on it, that helps me to feel that I have done some work, worthwhile. It needn't be anything fancy, just something to get into my zone. Come to think of it, I have a lot of such projects in mind. Right now I am preparing for a group show that is coming up in September and is to take place in Lalithakala Akademi Gallery in Kozhikode (famous as City of Spices once upon a time), Kerala. It's quite near to Mananchira Square where you come across the sculpture of Musui as Terra-Fly by the eminent K S Radhakrishnan. People of Kozhikode are ardent fans of art and literature; the real connoisseurs, so I have heard! Shall share the pictures of my works when the exhibition opens up. Here's a teaser for now.

Girl with a Halo - Cropped detail
Acrylics, 2x2 feet 

Back when I was in Dubai in April, my daughter and I took a trip to Dubai Public Library nearby. We both found that it was a great way to unwind and get into our zone. It was quite satisfying if it had not been for the heat! This particular sketch was made there referencing a book, Pen and Ink Book by Desarae Lee. It's a wonderful keepsake and I do have it in my wishlist. 

PITT pens on Moleskine

So this illustration was carried forward into this painting of a buck and that led to the other two and "I see you" happened with gouache. You can see my other gouache works HERE. However, they aren't going to be included in my show though. These are done on Moleskine as a means to get into my full-fledged zone, to prep me up. It helps me to focus before going into my actual work.

 I see you-1

  I see you-2

 I see you-3

Finally, I would like to share the postcards I had sent to the New Hampshire Institute of Art's International Mail Art Exhibition, "Errors, Fakes and Oddities" held from 8 Mar to 14 April 2019 at Sharon Arts Center Exhibition Gallery in Peterborough, NH. Grateful to Murali Cheeroth for sharing the 'Call-For' which otherwise I would have not known. All the works can be found Here.

These were done on Indian postcards using Winsor and Newton acrylic inks and Pigmented drawing pens. The gold ink isn't that visible here though.

As usual, linking it to the Awesome ladies at PPF!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Art in Gouache

It's been some time since I shared my own art. I was more occupied with the blog interviews and preparations for a group show. I am sharing a couple of art from my Moleskine. I had this gouache from Daler and Rowney and had last used it a year back so it was time to reuse it. By the way, I just love gouache. This one is watercolor and not acrylic.

I recently moved back to Dubai for my daughter's education since she wanted Humanities Arts and her preferred electives weren't available in my hometown. The transition happened quite unexpectedly but smoothly since my husband is still working there. Thank God!

Here goes my gouache works:

 Hope is what I give
At each dawn and dusk
The golden orb purifies the entirety
The only one that evades

To be purged is you. 

 Seeking the betrayer 

To avenge the wrongs
She journeyed within
Into her innermost being 
Breaking the walls
Unveiling the deepest sores
Cuts, bruises and endless scars
It was made by the most trusted-
She betrayed herself.

Immobile gaze

Wandering mind
Searching for lost terrains
Conquering hearts.♥️

Some of my other gouache works:

Lotus pond 

White flowers in a glass bottle

Linking it to the Awesome ladies at PPF